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Hackers Demand 1000 BTC From Malaysian Media Company

22:12 13/11/2018
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Hackers attacked Media Prima, the major Malaysian media company, with a ransomware virus and demanded 1000 bitcoins to open up access to blocked computer systems, The Edge Markets reports, citing its own sources.

According to the publication, attackers organized an attack on Thursday, November 8. They blocked employees’ access to email and demanded to pay 1000 bitcoins (more than $6.3 million) in order to restore the work of the computer program.

Media Prima did not confirm the attack, although The Edge Markets sources indicated that the media giant refused to pay the ransom, and employees began to use the G Suite service from Google when sending emails. It remains unknown whether the media company contacted the police.

Media Prima operates a television, print, radio, and advertising business. It owns four TV channels and four radio stations. Besides, the company owns The New Straits Times Press, the country’s largest publishing house.

A ransomware virus is a virus that blocks a target computer system, requiring a certain ransom for unlocking. Recently, crypto scammers have often used a virus software.

The port of San Diego was among the biggest targets for attacks with the ransomware virus in September 2018. The FBI, the Department of National Security, and the US Coast Guard were investigating the attack. Another attack was made on the server of the Professional Golf Association of the United States. In all cases, the attackers demanded bitcoins.

As previously reported, Bitmain sued the hacker who stole 617 bitcoins.

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