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ETH $ 641.268 (-7.71 %)
XRP $ 0.637398 (-6 %)
BCH $ 1133.46 (-6.85 %)
EOS $ 12.2288 (-8.03 %)
LTC $ 127.238 (-4.82 %)
ADA $ 0.219257 (-11.28 %)
XLM $ 0.295669 (-6.63 %)
TRX $ 0.0740697 (-9.29 %)
MIOTA $ 1.60634 (-6.49 %)


Kyiv Hosts Large Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit

Published: 26/04/2018 at 22:11
Tags: blockchain, Kiev, conference, Ukraine

On April 26 Kyiv hosted the Blockchain Summit 2018, one of the country’s largest events dedicated to the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency issues. The summit aims at promoting digital technologies and the use of tokens in Ukraine. The event organisers also want to give a chance to the Ukrainian crypto community to communicate with the world’s leading experts in this field. This time the event was attended by more than 30 blockchain professionals, including Mark Ginzburg (USA), Satoshi Mishima (Japan), Adam Dorfman (Canada), and Michael Wuehler (USA). According to the organisers, around 700 people have visited the Summit: investors, company owners, miners, crypto traders, bankers, and numerous crypto enthusiasts. The Blockchain Summit 2018 focused on the implementation of blockchain technologies into various fields of business and public life, the prospects of creating Ukraine’s national cryptocurrency, ICO-related issues, crypto trading, cybersecurity, etc.


The development of blockchain technologies and tokens gives Ukraine a chance to become a leader in this field. Mark Ginzburg, the lawyer and blockchain experts, said, ”We are entering a totally new world, with new rules and types of communication. Blockchain technologies and artificial intelligence will reshape all our life and behaviour standards in five or seven years."


The Summit participants agreed that blockchain technologies will be of great demand in the field of finances. State bodies are also actively implementing them when it comes to creating all sorts of registers, compiling budgets, holding tenders, etc. Satoshi Mishima, a Japanese expert in cryptocurrency issues, believes that in the near future blockchain technologies will be actively used by banks, and then spread to almost all business areas.


“Most likely, these technologies will enter such fields as insurance business, public sector, perhaps, real property trading”, he said. The Summit participant also assumed that cryptocurrencies would be used for everyday payments very soon. Satoshi Mishima believes that the major Japanese cities will be ready to issue their own tokens in 2020, when the country will host the Olympic games.


The Summit participants actively discussed the influence of the blockchain technologies on the labour market. Earlier the European experts predicted that cutting-edge technologies would oust from the market some 70% of the present-day jobs. Many new trades will arise instead, while certain jobs stay out of the risk zone. According to Adam Dorfman, a Canadian guru in the trade market mechanisms, people engaged in coworking or producing any kind of art will stay in demand irrespective of the modern technologies development.


That was the second Blockchain Summit held in Kiev. The previous one took place in the Ukrainian capital in November 2017. The organisers hope the next summit will take place in Kiev this fall. They noted the first Blockchain Summit (2017) had covered lots of ICO-related issues, while the second one had been mostly focused on blockchain technologies and tokens.

Author: Vira Maliy
Photo: Blockchain Summit 2018, Ukraine

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference 2018 Review

Published: 13/04/2018 at 19:09
Tags: conference

Almost two thousand participants of the BBC, or Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference 2018, gathered in the Parkovyi business center in Kyiv on 29th of March in order to discover the world of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and tokens.


Smart Expo team conducts this kind of meetings regularly, those events are held several times a year at international venues in major cities, the centers…

How to Use Smart Contracts For Revenue Sharing

Published: 10/04/2018 at 16:53
Tags: cryptocurrency, blockchain, BTC

What is revenue sharing and how its business model works? It’s pretty much like sharing your salary with your family at the end of the month. Revenue sharing is a distribution of profit (and losses) amidst the stakeholders, business alliances or even the employees of an organization. Although it was popularized in recent years on the internet as part of affiliate marketing and advertising programs,…

How does 'Pump and Dump' Work?

Published: 27/02/2018 at 10:49
Tags: strategy

The "pump and dump" strategy has been around for years. This scheme allows you to quickly raise the value of unprofitable assets and then to sell them, making a profit due to price increases. Although this scheme is illegal, it is very popular in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.


According to the strategy, the price of an unprofitable unit (so-called penny stock with…

Stellar Lumens: the Hottest Cryptocurrency of 2018?

Published: 26/02/2018 at 18:09
Tags: Stellar, altcoins

This year a great future is expected for Stellar (XLM) cryptocurrency. Stellar lumens have been not infrequently called a dark horse in the cryptoworld, but in 2018 this currency is predicted to rise over 1700% with more than $183 billion market cap, in comparison with nearly $9 billion cap today.


Note: The market cap data is taken from on 17 February, 2018.