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Green Address

Name: GreenAddress


Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin


Price: Free


GreenAddress is an open source HD web wallet that allows to store, send, and receive BTC. Even though GreenAddress works only with Bitcoin, it is very popular and is believed to be one of the most flexible wallets in the market.




The wallet is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems. It is also available as a Chrome app.




The wallet supports Kraken, BitStamp, Huobi, Kiwi-Coin, BitFinex, and some others platforms.




  • Personal data is never transmitted to the wallet’s servers.
  • Personal data is never kept unencrypted.
  • Only the necessary minimum of personal data is kept by the service.
  • The wallet offers PGP encryption for email addresses.




  • 4-step registration: a mnemonic passphrase, QR code, 2FA, and quick PIN code. Except for the a mnemonic passphrase, other features are optional.
  • Two-factor authentication includes four different types: by email, by google authenticator, by SMS, and by phone.
  • Hierarchical deterministic (HD) standard.
  • Multi-signature standard.
  • Private keys aren’t kept by the wallet. It means that safety of the private keys completely depends on users.
  • Watch-only option. It allows a user to check the balance or get funds without  having full access to the wallet, which makes it safe to use public Wi-Fi and public devices.
  • 2of2 and 2of3 accounts. These figures indicate the number of signatures needed to carry out a transaction.




The wallet doesn’t charge fees. A transaction fee depends on the Bitcoin network.


Name of the wallet: GreenAddress

Main currencies of the wallet: BTC

Price of the wallet: Free

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