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Bitcoin Trader

General Information


Bitcoin Trader is a brand new trading robot, which allows everyone to get profit from the Bitcoin price raising. Bitcoin Trader provides its users with a fully automated system. It helps a lot if you are an inexperienced trader, but would like to join the global trading community.


Bitcoin Trader was founded and launched in 2017. Its founders made a promise that it has a 99.4% accuracy in the trades win. The great news is that no downloads are required here, so you're free to use any device to sign up.


People with a trading experience can use this robot as well. There are some options which allow them to configure the system and get better trading results. With the help of this robot, a lot of people became wealthy within a few weeks. You can be one of them too. It's totally free, and the founders claim that there are no extra taxes and no taxes or additional payments at all.




You can work with Bitcoin Trader on both Windows-based and Mac OS-based laptops. There are apps available for it. You can reach the bot with the help of your cell phone or a tablet. Use a mobile browser to check out this bot or visit its website on your PC. It is based on the cloud technology, so no need in downloading anything.


Main Features


Bitcoin Trader fits the needs of both experts and newbies. Every interested person can get a proprietary software for free. Founders claim that users can get a minimum of $1,300 daily. The more you invest and the more time you dedicate to learning about it, the more profit you get.


Here's a list of the main Bitcoin Trader features:


  • Accurate performance. Bitcoin Trader offers a 99.4% level of accuracy.
  • This robot is ahead of other trading robots by 0.01 seconds. This number is huge when talking about the global cryptocurrency trading.
  • It works perfectly with the most common trend indicators.
  • Awards. This bot owns a mobile app version, which won a lot of awards in Europe and the US.
  • Fully automated system. As the system is fully automatic, you will have to spend about 29 minutes a day to get profit.
  • The software is compatible with Linux, Mac OS, Windows and other popular platforms.
  • No taxes. You don't have to pay any additional commissions or fees, 100% of profit is yours.


How Does It Work


Bitcoin Trader membership is free. There are no additional payments required. You need to provide the system with your actual name and email address. To get started with Bitcoin Trader you need to complete this steps:


  1. Register on the robot's website, filling out the registration form with your actual information. After the registration, you will become Bitcoin Trader's community member.
  2. Fund the account. You need to make a deposit, so you will be able to get started. The minimum deposit required is $250 or more.
  3. Wait for it… Yes, get your profit. Your last step is to press the trading button. You can trade on your own, switching the robot to the manual trading.


Because Bitcoin Trader is free, it is a perfect opportunity for newbies to get engaged in the trading market. You can invest as much as you can, the payment is not limited. This robot works with the most popular and trustworthy brokers.


There's no matter if you have experience or a new round here. You will be able to work with Bitcoin Traders. It has a user-friendly interface.




Bitcoin Trader software is free. Anyone can become a part of its small and friendly community. There are no extra charges or hidden taxes.


Support and Security System


You can contact Bitcoin Trader support via live chat or email. The support team is available 24/7. You can contact them anytime. If you have any technical or payment problems, feel free to contact the support.


To get an instant reply, please write your messages in English. Bitcoin trades uses the SSL encryption. It provides its user with high-level security, ensures that the data is safe. Any information which will be provided on the website, won’t be transmitted to the third parties or frauds.  


Name: Bitcoin Trader

Main currencies: BTC

Main exchanges: supports major digital currency exchanges