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Bitcoin Method

General information


Bitcoin Method is a brand new robot, which allows inexperienced people become a part of the trading market and get some profit. Yet, the robot isn’t just about profit. The Bitcoin Method community is a friendly environment where everyone learns and get new skills every day. There are only a few spots available, but the situation may change in a few weeks.


The software helps people to make up to $14,000 a day. The profit amount depends on how much you invest. A minimum deposit is $250, but it’s better to start with as much as you can. The more money you deposit, the more profit this robot will make for you.


Joe Templeton, a founder of the Bitcoin Method, says that the only way to learn how to trade is to keep practicing. The key to success is to work with a Bitcoin Method regularly.




Bitcoin Method supports both Windows or Mac OS. Unfortunately, there’s no special application, but the website is user-friendly, and there’s a mobile version available.


Main Features


Bitcoin Method makes a tremendous promise that it will make up to $14,000 profit a day. This automated robot has a few features, which appear as more than just typical characteristics:


  • It is still on its beta-version. It means that there’s more to go — more tools, more opportunities, more profit.
  • System testers earn up to $250,000 when working just 60 minutes a day.
  • Support is available via email only, but the support team has a high response rate.
  • 97% payout.
  • Free demo version. If there are spots available, you can become a part of this small community. The registration is free and takes just a few minutes.
  • The Bitcoin Method is compatible with any platform — Windows, Linux, etc.
  • The most common trend indicators are used here.


How Does It Work


After the registration, it takes about an hour to get your first trading profit. So, how to get started with a Bitcoin Method robot?


  1. Please register here . You need to fill out a short form — your name and email.
  2. Fund your account. There are some of the most popular deposit methods are available: PayPal, Visa or Mastercard. If you have any issues, you can contact the support. They are quite responsive. It is better to write in English to get a quick reply.
  3. The Bitcoin Method system is fully automated which allows you to start working with this robot right away.
  4. Start getting profit. Usually, it takes about 60 minutes a day to work with a Bitcoin Method. Robot’s founder claims that it will make you $14,000 a day.




The Bitcoin Method software is free. There are no charges for the registration. To access this robot, you have to confirm your account by sending a photo of your ID or a driving license.


Support and Security System


A support team works 24/7, and it has a high response rate. It is recommended to write in English to get a quick reply. Any technical or payment issues are usually solved in a few minutes up to 24 hours (it depends on what problem a user has).


The Bitcoin Method robot uses an SSL encryption. This factor means that the robot provides 100% security of your data. That is the main important thing about security — the system ensures that frauds or third parties won't steal users' data.


Name: Bitcoin Method

Main currencies: BTC

Main exchanges: supports major digital currency exchanges


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