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BTC $ 5621.38756107 (-0.51 %)
XRP $ 0.4775736301 (3.85 %)
ETH $ 179.793452859 (0.52 %)
BCH $ 418.599729381 (-4.53 %)
XLM $ 0.2470205441 (6.79 %)
EOS $ 4.6545545114 (1.32 %)
LTC $ 43.4781331589 (0.85 %)
USDT $ 0.9820178082 (-0.15 %)
ADA $ 0.0623217136 (0.87 %)
XMR $ 88.591225649 (-1.1 %)


Name: DPool


Cryptocurrencies the pool works with: BTC, ETH, ETC, DCR


Regions: DPool works in Asian, European and North American countries, but is mainly focused on Chinese users, because the platform is available only in Chinese.


Hash rate > 1000 PH/s


DPool is one of the largest Chinese mining pools. It was opened in March 2018. For several months, its share in cryptocurrency mining exceeded 2%.




  • DPool is a public pool with the closed registration (only by invitations of existing users).
  • Users can bind up to 500 sub-accounts to their profile.
  • There is an "Observer" profile mode for customers who don't want to be visible to others. (It is accessible via a direct link).
  • A mining reward type used on the platform is FPPS (except ETH). For ETH mining, the PPLNS principle is used.
  • Daily withdrawal of funds if the account has a minimum amount for withdrawal — 0.01 BTC.




On a preliminary announcement, before May 1, 2019, the DPool doesn't charge any fees.


Main cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, ETC, DCR

Regions: the platform is available in the countries of Asia, Europe, and North America

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