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Main cryptocurrencies: BTC

Regions: China


Name: Bixin


Cryptocurrencies the pool works with: BTC


RegionsThe mining pool is focused primarily on the Chinese market. The Bixin pool’s main website is available in English, but the application that gives access to the company's services has a Chinese interface only.


Hash rate > 1 EH/s


Bixin is a part of the Chinese group of companies Bit Star Technology Limited, which owns services for cryptocurrency exchange, storage and trade. Bixin is one of the ten largest mining pools by hash rate. The mining pool is also available on the new domain haopool.com.




  • The infrastructure of Bit Star Technology Limited forms a unified financial system. The company’s clients get access to a number of services: they can deposit money, exchange cryptocurrencies, trade with other participants, and mine BTC.
  • Users can deposit fiat money (CNY) and buy BTC to receive interest payments.
  • All services are available in the mobile application.
  • The Bixin wallet can be used as a storage for different cryptocurrencies, but only BTC is available for mining.




A 4% fee for mining with the PPS reward type, and a 2% transaction fee.