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Name: GDAX

Since: 2016

Main cryptocurrencies: BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH


Name: GDAX


Founded in: 2016


GDAX, or Global Digital Asset Exchange — is a project of the world famous exchange Coinbase. GDAX was created specifically for users with an extensive trading experience.


Main cryptocurrencies: BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH + fiat currencies USD, EUR, GBP. The total list of assets includes 12 pairs:




The list of available assets differs according to the region a user lives in.


Referral system: The referral program of Coinbase. A user receives $10 (or the equivalent amount at BTC) from each referral that bought or sold an asset for at least $100 (or the equivalent of this amount in other crypto or fiat currencies).


Encryption: SSL for website


Personal token: none


Payment systems: The deposit can be topped up with fiat money — USD, EUR or GBP, depending on the geographic region.


Applications: none




  • Two types of accounts — private and institutional for large investors.
  • The institutional account type has an option of margin trading with the leverage of 1:3.
  • API: for trading and for automatic display of data.
  • The exchange cooperates with a limited number of countries.
  • Verification requires personal data including the source of funds, the scope of activities and the company.
  • Clients' digital assets are insured for the amount of up to $250 thousand.
  • Coinbase customers can use their account information on GDAX.




  • A transaction fee depends on the monthly volume of trades and the user status. There is no fees for makers.
  • A withdrawal fee depends on the withdrawal method. There are paid and free ways.




  • 98% of clients' assets are stored offline, the rest of it is insured.
  • Two-factor authentication is mandatory for all users.
  • Regular security and financial audits.




  • Users must verify their accounts and prove their identity.
  • Trade is available only to persons above the age of 18.
  • In order to create a legal entity account, a user has to provide scans of constituent documents and some other data.