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Name: Coinbase

Since: 2012

Main cryptocurrencies: BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH


Name: Coinbase


Founded in: 2012


Coinbase is the largest cryptocurrency exchange that manages over 20 million users. It is a universal trading platform, exchange and cryptocurrency storage that has simple, user-friendly interface.


Main cryptocurrencies: BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH


Referral system: A user receives $10 (or the equivalent in BTC) from each referral that bought or sold an asset for at least $100 (or the equivalent in other crypto or fiat currencies).


Encryption: AES-256 for user data protection, SSL for website


Personal token: none


Payment systems: works with USD


Applications: Bitcoin wallet for iOS and Android




  • Coinbase clients can store money either in Coinbase online wallet or in separate account-storages. There are individual and group storages.
  • The website presents a knowledge base with answers to the most frequent questions about cryptocurrencies.
  • Coinbase is licensed to conduct financial transactions in different US states, the majority of countries in Europe, Singapore, Australia and Canada (32 countries in general).
  • Three ways to deposit money: debit/credit card, bank transfer, or payment system transfer depending on geolocation.
  • A convenient trading platform for setting orders, tracking and analyzing the situation on the market.
  • GDAX, a crypto exchange for professional traders developed by Coinbase.




  • Deposit fee depends on a payment method and a country.
  • No transfer fees between wallets within the Coinbase network. Transfer fee between Coinbase and another crypto wallet depends on the cryptocurrency.
  • Transaction fee is different for each country.
  • Withdrawal fee depends on the sum and withdrawal method.




  • More than 98% of digital assets of customers are stored offline.
  • All users' money is insured.
  • Several ways of 2FA (via SMS, Google Authenticator, or applications that generate single use passwords.
  • IP address checking.




Verification and identity approval are mandatory. A user has to upload scans of their documents and photo.