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Name: Bithumb

Since: 2013

Main cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, ETC, DASH, LTC, BCH, XMR, ZEC


Name: Bithumb


Founded in: 2013


The largest South Korean crypto-exchange in terms of BTC and ETH turnover. The platform controls 75.7% of the Korean and 10% of the world turnover of BTC.


Main cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, ETC, DASH, LTC, BCH, XMR, ZEC


Referral system: none


Personal token: Bithumb plans to issue its own tokens under the common name Bithumb Coin (and ICO)


Payment systems: works with the Korean fiat currency (KRW)


Applications: Available for iOS and Android




  • Bithumb actively introduces cryptocurrency payment in exchange for goods and services.
  • In 2017, due to the hacking of a computer of one of the Bithumb employees, several billion dollars were stolen from clients' accounts.
  • Support team is available 24/7 via email and phone. In Seoul, clients can get a personal advice.
  • The exchange supports only one fiat currency — the South Korean won (KRW).
  • There is no possibility to directly exchange one cryptocurrency for another. A trader has to first exchange a cryptocurrency for the won. After that they can exchange the Korean won for a desired coin.
  • Two types of accounts are available — personal and corporate.
  • Bithumb works with users in different countries. The interface is available in Korean and English (however, some sections of the website do not have English translation).




  • A deposit fee is not charged.
  • Transaction fee is 0-0.15% and depends on the transaction amount.
  • A withdrawal fee is 0.0005 BTC for bitcoin and 0.01 for other cryptocurrency. A withdrawal fee for fiat money is 1000 KRW.




  • A user can link their account to an IP address (optionally).
  • Two-factor authentication.




  • Verification is mandatory and consists of four steps.
  • Basic verification includes confirmation via email and phone number. However, it doesn't give users the right to trade.
  • Each verification step increases the limits for the monthly trading volume.