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VipWayZone is a digital trading company which was founded by a group of elite financial analysts. This group can be divided into a Statistical (technical) and Fundamental departments. The cryptocurrency trade is a crucial aspect of the company’s activity.


VipWayZone makes it possible for everyone to buy cryptocurrency without any special skills or knowledge. Understanding that cryptocurrencies aren’t just a new trend that won’t be demanded in a few years, but here to stay, VipWayZone allows everyone to invest in them quickly.


Based on the Marshall Islands, the company provides clients not only with a trading platform but with other financial and top mobile trading services as well. There’s no better time to join VipWayZone!


Speaking of the platforms which VipWayZone uses, clients are free to use both CFD/FX trading and a considerable amount of different financial programs (short and long-term ones). This company is well-known for being efficient for non-experienced clients. Newcomers don’t need to have exceptional skills or specific market knowledge to make some profit from the very beginning of their career.


A trading platform VipWayZone gives access to about 200 assets to trade like cryptocurrencies, indexes, commodities, shares. The platform is web-based, easy to get started with and it suits every customer.


VipWayZone provides traders with three different accounts types:


  • MINI (with account manager's call once a week)
  • STANDART (a trader gets a risk management plan and a personal account manager's introduction)
  • VIP (a trader gets VIP sessions with 21-26% net income)


Moreover, there’s a possibility of opening a fully managed account with a minimum deposit $25 thousand. Traders with a deposit $100 thousand and more are the ones who get a premium fully managed account.


When having any questions, traders can get in touch with the support via mail, chat or ask for a call-back. This type of approach makes every client feel important and valuable.  


Since: 2016

Country: UK

Payment options: Visa, Mastercard, Wire transfer, BTC

Minimum initial deposit: 250 USD

Leverage: 1:200

Regulation: Australian Securities and Investments Commission (Australia)