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60op is a trading platform which provides its traders with innovative trading instruments and simple operating system. This approach allows anyone to use this unique service. No need to be fast learner to get used to the website. The interface is user-friendly and quite simple for understanding.


This trading platform makes it possible for anyone to access the global financial markets of forex, cryptocurrency pairs, commodities, market indices, and even stocks. 60op understands the importance of the clients’ needs. That’s the main reason why traders have easy and quick access to the cryptocurrency trading. It’s not just a millennial trend. 60op believes that investing in cryptocurrency ensures its clients' financial stability.


60op offers two options for its customers:


  • 60op Simple
  • 60op Forex Pro


With a mission to provide extraordinary service to every client, 60op fits the needs of beginners and expert users. Support operates 24/7, what makes it possible for newcomers to get a piece of advice or solve any issues with the account managers.


The 60op primary goal is to be ahead and provide clients with access to unique services for digital trading options that help get the returns on investments as high as 80% from a single expetrade!


When investing each client can be sure that the data is highly secured and encrypted. One of the 60op's priorities is to provide all the investors with privacy, and the most profitable deal offers.


Nowadays when the financial markets become more and more specific and difficult to understand, 60op makes everything simplified and helps everyone to make informed decisions and fit in. So the best decision is to get started with a caring company, to get started with 60op.


No matter whether you’re on a beginner stage or an expert. 60op makes it possible for everybody to learn and profit.


Since: 2016

Country: UK

Payment options: Visa, Mastercard, Wire transfer

Minimum initial deposit: 250 EUR

Leverage: 1:100