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We offer you access to the most active audience, which is ready to participate in new projects, monitors the latest cryptocurrency news, and is keen on the development of blockchain technology around the world. If you are interested in getting traffic from certain regions, please contact our experts via [email protected]

The average age of Blockspoint audience is around 30 years. These people build startups and change the world, introduce new tokens and develop blockchain systems.


Unique visitors

840K +


The average age of Blockspoint audience is around 30 years. These people build startups and change the world, introduce new tokens and develop blockchain systems.


Number of sessions

1,2M +

MEDIA Advertising

Choose the ads layout favorable to your project. We accept and publish press releases of crypto projects; we can prepare articles for you and place your banners. If you are interested in a closer cooperation, please contact us via [email protected]. We are ready to offer you interesting options.


A catfish ad is a full-width banner placed at the bottom of the browser window. It is displayed over the page content and appears after a user spends a certain amount of time on the website.

  • Grabs attention
  • Has a high CTR
  • Visible on all pages of the website

Main banner

  • Best placement
  • The largest advertising format on blockspoint.com

Built-in banner

  • Built into the page content
  • Considered the best way to use banners to promote your brand
  • Interacts with users

News feed

It is a single news article or the list of news content about your project/event. It can be placed in the main news feed or separately.The number of users who visit the page and read the material determines the effectiveness of the publication. It is broadcast to all external channels of the portal.

PR articles

They are publications providing as much information as possible information about your company or the product that you put on the market. This can be either a material prepared by us or an interview. It can be published in two versions, either with backlinks to your website or without them.


Articles are large text materials that may contain photos and graphics, videos, infographics, and other objects. They are structured and prepared for each project separately, depending on the goals of the publication. Articles provide a reader with the complete information about your project, highlighting important aspects. Therefore, you will convey all the important peculiarities of your idea to readers and help to form a correct perception.

Project descriptions

Blockspoint collects information about all important services, companies, and resources. We help to find the most significant and interesting data for users and to exchange opinions by providing links to a company websites for user clicks.
We can work with you on different price models:

  • CPM - Cost Per Thousand
  • CPC - Cost Per Click
  • CPA - Cost Per Action


Blockspoint is an online media portal dedicated to cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies and those enthusiasts who keep this sphere developing and growing. We see our top priority in posting the most up-to-date news, facts and topics which are currently discussed in media. Our job is to get fresh data for your morning news feed, daily.

If you have any suggestions on our service improvement, feel free to contact us via [email protected]

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Wallets and payments

Please check the text before submitting the press release form. By sending us the payment for the publication, you automatically grant our editors the right to proofread and correct the text.

We will publish your press release as soon as possible once the content has been reviewed by our team and the payment received.

Make sure you send your coins to the right wallet. Our only official wallets are: