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Ledger Developers Detect Bug In Chrome Extension For Ether Transactions

Published: 04/08/2018

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What is it for?

The Ledger crypto project developers found an error in the Chrome browser extension for the operations with ether, and warned users about it in their official blog.


All users of the hardware wallet currently see the same constant address for the Ethereum network in the interface. The developers of the wallet urged customers to access MyEthereumWallet and Ledger Live applications for all necessary operations. The project representatives reported that all financial losses caused by this error would be compensated. 



Later, the developers informed that the bug occurred after a new version of the browser extension was released. The programmers advised customers not to use Chrome and to perform all operations in the company's Ledger Live program.



As previously reported, there was a beta update of the mobile app MEW Connect from the developers of MyEtherWallet to access the wallet without entering a private key. 

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