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Book To Be Released In US And UK About First Bitcoin Billionaires

Published: 25/07/2018

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What is it for?

An American publisher Little, Brown will release a book about twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, who became the first publicly known bitcoin billionaires in history, The Bookseller informs.


A new book by Ben Mezrich, «Bitcoin Billionaires», will tell the story of two brothers, beginning with their unsuccessful attempt to open a venture fund in Silicon Valley, the first acquaintance with Bitcoin, which they heard about during their stay in Ibiza, the moment when they bought about 1% of all world’s bitcoins in 2012.


The book also will tell about relationships between twins and Mark Zuckerberg, whom they blamed for stealing the idea of Facebook and who subsequently paid $68 million to them due to a court’s decision.


At the moment, Cameron and Tyler manage one of the most influential crypto fonds in the world − Winklevoss Capital, and control the digital assets exchange − Gemini.


As previously reported, the cryptocurrency market has increased to $300 billion mark by capitalization indicators, which is connected with the increase of the bitcoin price. 

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