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What Is ETH Hot Wallet And How You Can Use It In Your Cryptocurrency Management?

15:03 14/03/2018
How you can use ETH Hot Wallet

First of all, ETH Hot Wallet is an open source wallet that can be used for storing Ethereum cryptocurrency and also a zero client that can establish connection to Ethereum blockchain via local nodes or infura.


This cryptocurrency web wallet is based on a source code created by Paul Laux, you can check for updates and announcements via Twitter @dr_laux.


This Ethereum-based wallet has a structure which integrates a couple of core components: first of all, it utilizes LightWallet V3 JavaScripts and Web3.js API. This wallet also uses other js technologies. API providers integrated in this wallet — JsonRPC provider Infura.io, and Coinmarketcap as the main provider for exchange transactions.


ETH Hot Wallet features

We can start from high security feature provided by encryption of all generated keys from seed that are stored in your web browser − this wallet never sends them anywhere. When the wallet is locked, the only thing you can do is to check the balance, and nothing more.


ETH Hot Wallet features

Usage of local and remote rpc network selector is also a huge plus. And for traders’ or investors’ needs your balance in ETH Hot Wallet can be demonstrated in other main currencies both from cryptocurrency and fiat world — you can choose the US dollars, Euros and Bitcoins.


Also now you can use this wallet in your smartphone as well as on PC. Its website has great responsive design, effictive and easy-to-master.


ETH Hot Wallet can also deal with ERC20-compatible wallets and tokens. Also you can import Ethereum Token Contract ABI for ERC-20 via using a standard script: just check “import” section of the application for detailed information.


Of course, there are plenty other things that have to be done in future to make ETH Hot Wallet better, like Event log or future tests, or even React v16.0 support. But there are a lot of things that had been already done — such as ERC-20 support or local storage.


Smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain

Smart contract support is based on the object web3.eth.Contract that makes it easy to work with smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. All requests to ERC-20 smart contracts are done using saga.js file — this is also the case for all important network communication.


For those who has interest in further project development: the development process is not stopping, and owners are currently working on this software.

Right now the four big containers are completed. They are:


  • The Homepage container. This container stores everything regarding keystore manipulation and its usage. 
  • The Header container.  Inside this container there are all network communications and web3 activities. 
  • The SendTo container. This one is for all actions that are related modal SendTo. 
  • The last one is TokenChooser container — that helps to work and choose ERC20 tokens found in token-lists.js file. This one is unique for each network.


You can check more specific npm scripts or other important documentation for React configuring in official database docs.

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