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Blockchain Future Is Almost Here Supporting Web 3.0 Solutions

20:45 29/11/2018
Blockchain Future Is Almost Here

One day we all will wake up and act as usual but the world will not be the same. The changes will be hidden behind the interfaces of our applications. Core concepts and back-end solutions will evolve secretly. If you are risky enough, this may be your chance. The chance to find out more about Siacoin, Steemit and Augur. This will be the Web 3.0 evolution.


Many blockchain projects were announced in the last several years. Intended for a different purpose and targeted on various market niches, they are pushing the community toward the 3.0 ecosystem leaving no one behind. This will happen eventually, sooner or later, because of visual simplicity inherited by new solutions and new technologies’  efficiency.


But now let’s stop for a moment and take a brief look at 2.0 companies and their 3.0 alternatives. The majority of those projects have chances to become the first in the race of opportunities.


We use payment services every day. PayPal, cashing services, bank transfers and other solutions intended to move money around keep our funds safe and clear with nice reliability and security measures. And it is obvious that high performance requires high expenses. All our efforts to save money lead to additional losses because of the fees we are to pay.


Cryptocurrencies will remove a part of the wasteful expenses, especially in the security area. This is the opinion expressed by many experts, such as David Sessford, the owner of the UK house sale company Ready Steady Sell. Assets will be transferred with much lower fees. In fact, it is already happening. Such coins as Zcash, Monero, Bitcoin, and Litecoin are already on air. Just access the Internet with your wallet device and feel free to manage your funds as you wish. Goods trading companies can use intermediate services like Bitpay. Cryptocurrency will be integrated into your payment system in no time.

Cryptocurrency will be integrated into your payment system in no time.

All technical processes will pass unseen. Nothing is going to witness changes that happened. Even cryptocurrency implementation won’t be directly necessary. All common actions and behavior will be the same. No coins trading will be required anymore.


The company responsible for intermediate payment processing is Stellar Lumens. It will match all outputs and inputs among banks, financial institutions and casual users in order to support transitions. In fact, all types of currencies might be subjected to this procedure as it increases their movement around the world. Some may even be unaware of the core crypto concept of Stellar Lumens, since nothing will change significantly. The deep back-end code is never analyzed by an end customer.


Another solution that is trying to find its own place is The Request Network. This platform aims to ask any participant for the payment at any time. The absolutely secure blockchain solution removes third parties like PayPal and still remains safe and highly efficient.


The development team is aware of people being suspicious about cryptoassets. They resolve the problem by implementing a different type of programs allowing many currencies to be used on the platform. Still, all advantages of blockchain technology are available and implemented in the proposed solution, including fee reduction.


Many people like to be socialized within the digital environment. Although modern platforms possess some severe disadvantages. We may recall Facebook’s issues on data privacy and constant information gathering in Twitter in order to propose unwanted advertising.


Privacy here is the main weak point. The privacy of common participants is subjected to observation and information gathering. This is something you don’t want to happen without your permission. Unfortunately, data collecting engines don’t care about you opinion. They are programmed to save, find and store your profile data, including browsing history and downloaded files.

The platform intended to use blockchain technology in the Web 3.0 approach to fight social media flaws is Steemit.

The platform intended to use blockchain technology in the Web 3.0 approach to fight social media flaws is Steemit. This product has a novel model of content records being analyzed by the group of peers with further verification and estimation. The content creators will be rewarded with Steem (the internal cryptocurrency) for any high quality product examined and accepted by the community.


There is no advertisement placed among valuable information pieces, thus no data collection is required. Creative and talented participants are rewarded with the internal cryptocurrency. This approach is actually led by Steemit, but there are even more options. As an alternative to YouTube, the blockchain-based product Dtube was created.


Huge success attracted competitors trying to push Steemit out of the niche. For instance, there is Narrative with its nice website and interface design. Topics are created by users themselves with further announcements provision and popularity competition. To guarantee the balance between casual users and companies, Narrative proposes them a website with the same rules of high quality content creation.


News might be found with the help of Sapien, while Indorse can be used for placing portfolios. There are much more solutions. After a brief research we will find ourselves surrounded by commercial giants like Netflix and YouTube alternatives with the same functionality and performance, or even better. Unfortunately, is it hard to find really good products because market giants leave little space for new competitors.


What is more depressing is that people try to place their content on these platforms but receive nothing in response because of rules, restrictions and special conditions that are hard to comply with. Annoying censorship, periodical registration details revision, other official changes in policies and content accounting are making life worse. This is true for the majority of platforms.


But things may change soon as many blockchain-based solutions are waiting for their time to step up. All of us have heard sad stories about musicians who were deceived by the industry with no chance to change anything. Now there is a way to do it right. For instance, the Mycelia blockchain project is intended to solve these issues. Launched by Imogen Heap, an English singer, songwriter and audio engineer, it promises to keep all things fair for many musicians and singers. As an alternative, you can use voise.com, a decentralized music platform powered by the Ethereum network, designed specially for artists and fans’ interaction. Dtube is not the only one to challenge the YouTube. A lot of Ethereum opportunities are used by the Flixxo company or Videocoin that has managed to raise $35 million during ICO.


Data storage isn’t avoided by new implementations at all. One of the most interesting solutions is Storage Cloud that allows storing both software and hardware capacities under reasonable prices and conditions.


Cloud storage is convenient yet unreliable. All data is kept at the same place where it is available for extraction. Such a centralization causes inconveniences by default since only one point is responsible for the storage. Some agreements might be arranged in secrecy and your data becomes available to the whole web.

The obvious solution is to decentralize the storage capacity as much as possible.

The obvious solution is to decentralize the storage capacity as much as possible. Some ideas are implemented by the Siacoin company. You can use their solutions to help others in their heavy data overload situation. Of course, the service is not free and is based on the cryptocurrency approach. This company has a huge potential worth being examined in the future.


Talking about data we can’t omit Filecoin. Starting with significant ICO results, it managed to attract $257 million. It included a pinch of competition to their decentralized data storage proposal. Another competitor is Storj, famous for it low prices and the high security level of user data.


The advertisement area is what we really should consider. There are small doubts about it, as it does not work properly right now. The major players of social industry are great examples of this failure. Many minor websites owners would support the opinion that advertising and subscription proposals are useless. However, if you are popular enough, you can make money from human traffic.


This teaches the community to ignore pop-up windows and interrupting videos. It is prolonged with ad-blockers that remove advertising from web-pages. It is simple due to many extensions available for all popular web-browsers.


Several companies are working in this area in a bit different direction thought. The Basic Attention Token company proposes an interesting scheme of providing ads to end users rather than to intermediaries. Content creators thus will be able to attract users they need without relying on policies and rules. It is extremely important considering the fact that the main thing about ads is not getting as much clicks as possible, but connecting customers and sellers.


Another interesting solution is Brave. It is a browser with the developed system of rewards for advertisement observation. Minor transactions are allowed to be processed depending on whether participants like the content or not.


One more advertisement related project called Oyster Pearls might attract attention. The company allows participants to share their GPU and CPU resources with favourite websites. This way, users support them. Moreover, implementing this system increases security and decreases expenses, as the whole approach is based on a decentralized platform.


Another big project proposing to share performance in favour of the decentralized web is Substratum. The product is intended to proceed with the Internet performance itself and remove centralized censorship, control and management issues.


The variety of blockchain based projects is amazing. The only thing that can compete with it is the scope of application. Having started from virtual assets area, blockchain is currently spreading everywhere. Some revolutionary solutions might be unnoticed so far but this is simply because of society’s inertness. Taking into account how fast this new technology is evolving we might see significant changes even tomorrow.

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