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Fork Issues And Descendants Within NXT Solution

20:45 10/11/2018
Forks Related To NXT Platform



The blockchain platform NXT was announced on September 28, 2013. It has common features with other similar solutions as well as the differences that make it unique. These differences include a decentralized asset exchange, marketplace, and voting system. Its basic functionality was greatly influenced by its ancestor Bitcoin. In the announcement,  NXT was called an easy-to-use, permissionless platform supposed to provide many ways of freedom to its participants.


It claims to be the first pure Proof-of-Stake platform. Its development history is reach for events, but only a few of them are related to forking. Basically, there were a major upgrade fork for NXT, some minor forks implemented with upgrades, and a child project fork that is still active (as of November 2018).


General information on forks


As a Bitcoin descendant, NXT was built according to blockchain technology. Within this architecture, it is obvious that any improvement could be reached only through soft or hard forks. And it is not surprising as there were many events concerning blockchain upgrade. For instance, let’s recall a December 2017 hard fork that was actively discussed by many sources. Other minor forks were also performed. For example, the transaction replay protection fork 1.10.1. Some members counted 5 hard forks as of January 2016.

This type of forks is considered to be valuable because of its strong planning and organization efforts. However, it is highly dependent on the involvement of participants, since the lack of participation leads to the absence of a fork (we talked about this in previous articles). Other fork issues include worries about unexpected forks detection, forks resistance, alternative wallets upgrades, and some others.


Fork detection seems to be essential because of multiple examples of users being stuck with old chain without upgrading their software. This issue may arise when someone supports the network with mining but has no time to participate in the community discussions. The fork resistance problem contributes to the issue. It’s obvious that the majority of accidental forks could be automatically avoided after detection. Still, the solution of any kind must be implemented with care, as forking is the only adequate way of developing a blockchain-based environment.

blockchain platform NXT

Child fork Burstcoin


There are several projects, which are descendants of the NXT platform. Most of them have never been big and stable enough. All of them failed, but they can neither be called a scam (at least not all of them), nor solutions based on forks. Nevertheless, there is an example of fork-solutions that could gain popularity among the blockchain community. It is called Burstcoin.


As a separate solution, Burstcoin was proposed in August 2014 as an NXT fork. It is intended to provide a truly global network of payment channels.

Fork solutions

Interestingly, the roadmap of Burstcoin includes both types of forks:


  • Soft fork type is planned as a solution to enhance node functions. The node flexibility is supposed to be increased through changing a mempool size to a variable type.
  • Hard fork type is planned as a solution for a block size and a transaction fee. According to the plan, both of them become variable. These two improvements go as a single package because they have an influence on each other.




The NXT platform can hardly bear the popularity of Bitcoin or Ethereum, but it can rightly be called a valuable representative of the blockchain environment that brought many lessons to the community. Moreover, the proven fork as the parent of another project and regular improvements through the fork mechanism make it an even more significant solution.

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