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Searching With Decentralized Engine

17:54 27/12/2017
Decentralized Search Engine

When it comes to surfing the web to find favorite goods and services, blockchain brings more privacy.


In contradiction to massive web search engines, which have their own notion of your preferences and regularly collect your personal data for ad campaigns, blockchain allows you to decide on the data you would like to share and receive targeted advertising that gets along with your interests.


Apart from letting users to manage their personal information by themselves, this may be helpful for businesses as well. With blockchain, not only are companies free to target the customers search engines allow them to, but also the customers they actually need to target. In this case, users, interested in finding the exact products and services, receive them, while businesses, interested in presenting their products and services, obtain potential customers and hence a profit.


This is a perfect Internet searching platform. Blockchain will keep all important information about your previous searches, and the more you browse, the better results will be.


Of course, this type of search engines already exists, but the decentralized search system makes everything different, especially if we talk about data ownership. It gives people an opportunity to choose the way their personal data is used. All information is encrypted and heavily protected by a privacy key, hence it is totally secure. This scheme does not require an intermediate advertisement person, a customer no longer receives useless ad spam.


BitClave’s Active Search Ecosystem (BASE)

Another good option is adding a reward mechanism, so that users could be rewarded for their search results. For instance, BitClave’s Active Search Ecosystem (BASE) proposes special Consumer Activity Tokens for relevant searches. These coins can be further used to make purchases in the stores that accept them.


As a customer, you simply get profit while searching for the information you are really interested it. Moreover, you are motivated to keep browsing the Internet. On the other hand, businesses easily reach their target audience and get more profit with less money spent on advertising.


So far, the field of online advertisement is owned by several giants like Google, Amazon or Facebook. In fact, all businesses have to accept the requirements of these huge players to stay competitive.


It is a rare case when Internet users realize that our personal data is gathered from all possible websites we are used to visiting on a daily basis. After being processed, this data chunk becomes the grounding for various ads. Businesses pay millions for getting this information and arranging loud campaigns dedicated to their goods. As a result, we see these campaigns in the form of pop-ups, context ads, and other options that might seem annoying.


Decentralized search engines simply return users the power to manage and control their data. Blockchain stores all information you are searching for and takes into account all possible changes in a searching structure. Besides, you will not get annoying messages about services you have never been interested in or goods you do not care about any longer. For instance, if you decide to buy a car, you start getting relevant ads. But as soon as you buy one, these ads become useless.


On the other hand, if you are going to by a car, the proposed decentralized solution can show you the best options according to the stated parameters. And any offer link becomes a source of tokens if you click on it.


Decentralized search engines bring unlimited options that may be presented and described. And there is no difference what kind of products or services are involved.

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