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Infographics: Who Are Top 15 Crypto Kings Of Industry?

11:25 03/12/2018

The total market cap of the cryptocurrency industry is presently worth almost $140 billion, with some experts predicting that it will soon hit the $1 trillion mark. In all honesty, it’s hard to tell whether such projections can become a reality, primarily because of the cryptocurrencies’ high volatility. What we can tell, however, is that many people made a fortune out of this business.


In fact, if you take a look at the infographic below, you will see that some of them became crypto kings by earning hundreds of millions and even billions from cryptocurrencies. What’s more, they do not show any signs of abandoning this business, which is a good indicator that the industry will only continue to grow.


Let’s see a few inspiring examples taken from the infographic.


Chris Larsen


Chris Larsen, Ripple’s co-founder, is the first name that comes to mind when we talk about crypto kings. Thanks to his previous experience with digital entrepreneurship, he seized the opportunity to build Ripple, a blockchain-based crypto network that offered more possibilities than the Bitcoin network, such as faster transactions with lower fees.


And it paid him off big time. Larsen is now estimated to have a net worth of close to $8 billion. He also possesses 17% of the 61 billion XRP controlled by Ripple.


Joseph Lubin


Joseph Lubin is another well-known and influential crypto king. He co-founded Ethereum, the popular blockchain-based platform used for building decentralized apps, smart contracts, ICOs, etc.


He also founded ConsenSys in 2014, a company developing blockchain software solutions.


Lubin is estimated to be worth around $5 billion and doesn’t fall far behind Larsen.


To learn about other crypto kings, their businesses, and their current crypto net worth, check out the infographic below.

Source: bitfortune.net/

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