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Top Coins To Have In Your Investment Portfolio In 2019

20:40 06/12/2018
Top Crypto Coins To Have In Your Investment Portfolio

It is hard to believe, but 2018 is almost over. For the most part, this year has been extremely bearish and crypto-unfriendly, which has damaged not only each individual coin but also the entire market. In several weeks, this year will be done, and with the next one, investors expect a new hope for the digital currency world.


As a result, many have started to wonder what coins to invest in, while all of them are cheap? How to properly enter 2019 and make a profit once the market gets rid of the bearish grip? This is what we will try to answer today, with some of the best coins that should be a part of your investment portfolio in Q1 2019.


1. Bitcoin (BTC)


Bitcoin dropped a lot in 2018, especially after the second market crash in this year. It started the year with almost $20,000 per coin, only to hit its lowest value of $3,700 barely a few days ago. However, experts claim that this will not last forever and that demand will increase once again. With it, BTC will also experience a price surge that might even hit entirely new heights, depending on who you ask.

Cryptocurrency Bitcoin

While all of it is still speculation at this point, throughout its history, whenever BTC hit a low point and was pronounced dead, it broke its own record soon after. With that in mind, it is no wonder that investors believe that there is still much BTC can do to surprise us.


2. Stellar (XLM)


Stellar is currently the fourth largest coin, which means that it has managed to overthrow Bitcoin Cash, likely due to BCH two-week crisis. One big reason why Stellar is on this list is the fact that it is the fastest coin for cross-border transactions to date. Not only that, but it has decided to provide its services to individual users, where XRP, another coin that wishes to achieve this goal, works mostly with banks and financial institutions.

Cryptocurrency Stellar

Stellar is a coin that can solve big issues when it comes to sending money between countries. One of its largest potential use cases is remittance, but all international payments that are being performed can benefit from this coin. It is cheap, fast, and user-friendly, which is why it should definitely find a place in your investment portfolio.




TRON is one of the coins with the most development in 2018. This was a very exciting year for TRX, despite its bearish nature. TRON entered countless partnerships, announced numerous projects, and it even launched its MainNet. However, considering that its goal is to decentralize the web and revolutionize the entertainment industry, all of this is just setting the stage for TRON.

Cryptocurrency TRON

Many believe that 2019 will be the year when TRX will really kick off. It has already launched several popular dApps and has announced Project Atlas, that will largely rely on BitTorrent. Only its creator, Justin Sun, knows what else there is in store for TRX, but whatever its developers are planning, having some TRON in your possession is probably a smart investment at this point.




IOTA is a project that many believe to be one of the top coins of the future. It has a special technology, unique even among cryptocurrencies, and different from the regular blockchain. It calls this technology 'Tangle', and its potential allows it to serve as a joint network for pretty much all devices that can connect to the web. Furthermore, it is a perfect way for these devices to communicate with each other.

Cryptocurrency IOTA

As such, IOTA's network is perfect for machine-to-machine communication. This has made it a go-to coin for the IoT industry, but also for several car-makers. Since IOTA can connect all cars into a single network, vehicles of the future will not depend on mechanics and manual upgrades in order to improve their software and technology. This will be especially useful once self-driving cars enter the mainstream. Investing in this coin, while it is cheap, is definitely a good idea.

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