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Ambitious And Best ICO Projects In 2018

08:45 15/12/2018
Top Best ICO Projects In 2018

The cryptocurrency market decline in 2018 affected the market of the ICO campaigns, too. 2017 was full of unprofitable or fraudulent ICO projects. Perhaps this taught customers to be more cautious and not to invest in all ICOs that seem attractive. Of course, the problem of scam ICOs still exists. But today we'll have a look at the most interesting projects started in 2018.


5 promising ICO campaigns of 2018


Crowd Machine


ICO period: May 1, 2018 — June 1, 2019.


Crowd Machine is an ambitious project involving the creation of Crowd Computer — a smart computer for running decentralized applications. Sounds like a direct competitor to the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), isn't it? The peer-to-peer project network is named the same way — CVM, or the Crowd Virtual Machine.

ICO Crowd Machine

Programs will be built on the independent application designer Crowd App Studio. The Crowd Computer and Crowd App Studio tools are aimed to reduce the price of developing smart contracts and dApps. By the way, developers will be able to sell their software products in the domestic market for the platform users.


Crowd Machine really looks like an interesting, future-oriented and one of the best ICO projects. Its ICO is still in progress, so anyone can purchase CMCT tokens.




ICO period: November 26 — December 16, 2018.


This ICO campaign  is a project of the largest audio content online store eMusic, which has been operating since 1998. It's a decentralized version of the store, a platform for media holdings, agencies, producers, artists and listeners. Using the advantages of blockchain, it will be possible to see and track the interaction between artists and the products of their work.

ICO eMusic

All payments on the platform will be performed with the ERC-20-based tokens eMU. Users will be able to subscribe to artists and genres and buy music, just like in the original eMusic store.




ICO period: September 1 — October 31, 2018.


The Delicia project was created to track and optimize food supply to restaurants and retail chains. The developers aim to reduce the amount of food loss — the products that weren’t consumed.

ICO Delicia

This is one of the best examples of successful blockchain implementations. It helps understand an average customer:


  • Restaurants and shops always have food wastes and ready-made dishes that will deteriorate if they aren’t sold in time.
  • Users will be able to buy these products at lower prices.


Payments on the platform are performed with DFT Food Tokens.




The time of the ICO: June 19 — July 24, 2018.


BriaCoin is a platform for everyone who works at the digital advertising market. Business owners, advertising agencies, marketologists, designers, advertisers, freelancers — all of them can interact more productively there.

ICO BriaCoin

It is based on smart contracts, all payments are made with BRIA tokens. At BriaCoin, customers and employees can collaborate for creating high-quality advertising content.




The time of the ICO: March 20 — April 30, 2018.


Consentium is an application implemented as a chat for C2C communication. The project is positioned as a platform for business, a kind of ecosystem for networking and finding customers. The developers are guided by the crypto community whose members actively use messengers. CSM tokens will be used to encourage participants.

ICO Consentium

During the ICO, the project has managed to raise the necessary amount for the hard cap of $42 million. Let's see how successful the startup will be in the future.

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