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Love On Blockchain. How To Become Acquainted Without Risk. Valentine's Day Guide

08:15 14/02/2019
Love On The Blockchain

Applications and chats, marriage agencies and speed dating is a way to find a soul mate in the 21st century. Every year this industry introduces new automation ways, for example, some projects already provide the opportunity to pay with cryptocurrencies, others went further and introduced artificial intelligence, which selects the most suitable candidate for the life partner role.


Current situation


Millennial generation representatives don't come in a cafe to the person who aroused their sympathy, they are not ready to show their emotions in real life. Instead, they are browsing hundreds of pages, examining the same individuals' information in their profiles.


According to the popular dating service Tinder's study, online dating users more often find their future partners than those who try to meet offline.


However, there is a downside. Not all 100% of users want to meet on Valentine's Day and stay with a person for life. There is always the risk of being in the frivolous interlocutor company who expects to simply celebrate the holiday and disappear as soon as February 15th comes. And if s\he still looks like in the photo in the app profile, then consider that you're very lucky.


Advantages of online dating:


  • Security.


This moment is quite controversial, however, you will agree that it is risky to go on a date with a stranger immediately. Correspondence before a meeting allows minimally to know the person.


  • Saving your time.


Coming up to a stranger, there is a chance to meet a person with whom there will be nothing in common. In this case, you have to spend a couple of hours for dinner, since the escape from the cafe after 10 minutes is indecent.


  • Compatibility.


Dating applications include a minimal person description, users share their interests and preferences. However, there are risks.


Disadvantages of online dating:


  • Lying.


This problem has existed since the social network creation. People, trying to attract as much attention as possible, post false information on their profiles. Due to the fact that many use other people's photos and are presented even by other personalities, users with a real desire to find a soul mate are disappointed and lose all confidence in such services.


  • Fraud.


Penpals that make you feel like you’ve known each other for life, trying to get your confidence. While you mentally go with them to the altar, they think through a plan on how to extract money from you. After several months, or maybe days, your new-made online friend will ask for help, and you will gladly go to meet him — there is no reason not to trust.


  • The danger to life.


This problem can be attributed to the first point, however, its consequences are much more serious than a disappointment to meet quite a wrong person who was in the photo. Unfortunately, in the network, you can meet a mentally non-healthy person, about whom you will not know anything, since the name, type of activity, and age will be made-up facts.


Distributed love


Distributed love

Dating blockchain solutions can be thought of as Cupids, who will never make a mistake. Decentralized systems and platforms are able to bring the whole world online, while setting up a high level of trust at the initial stage of building of relationships.


Fakes will not pass!


Fakes can be excluded only by user verification. But this idea is unlikely to please everyone. However, the blockchain has already shown itself from the best side in the issue of data storage security.


At the same time, decentralized dating applications developers that are planning to connect the Europeans' hearts should comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). The main GDPR rule is to provide users with complete control over their personal data, which means the possibility of deleting information when they wish. However, everything that is entered in blockchain is not subject to change, and even more deletion. It is worth noting that compliance with the European regulations is a task for real blockchain gurus: how to provide control over the data while protecting them from third parties?


The fact is that solutions have already been developed that provide the user with the possibility of mandatory passing KYC, at the same time, blockchain guarantees the fact of verification. Thus, according to the requirements of the GDPR, the user can send a request to delete his information to the service and can see that a fact was added to the blockchain confirming that his data has been erased.


Machine learning + Blockchain


Apart from the fact that dating services of a new level will block us from fake pages, they will be able to provide us with revolutionary decentralized platforms using machine learning, which will be our personal consultants on love affairs.


Imagine that you will have a personal assistant, the data provided to which will never fall into the wrong hands. Based on correspondence, comments or interests, it will advise couples where to go on a first date, what flowers to present or even remind you of important dates. Thanks to the built-in calendars, you can even reserve a restaurant table within one service. After synchronizing the buddies' calendars, you will never miss your meeting. Don't forget that only two of you will know about your plans, as the schedule will be recorded in an encrypted form and stored decentralized.


New generation marriage agencies


New generation marriage agencies

There is a category of people who don't have time to conduct long correspondence in social networks, they want to be taken up by professionals, who, on several client's requests, will determine a person who meets all requirements.


Marriage agencies clients are primarily interested in appearance, income level, age, and hobbies of potential halves.


However, it is unlikely that men provide the agencies with statements on their accounts, and girls cannot embellish their photos with Photoshop filters.


By implementing a decentralized verification mechanism, agencies will be able to enter user income data. And also with the decentralized voting help, which guarantees an honest result, users will be able to independently choose new platform members. This stage increases the chances that a person can make new acquaintances since registered members are interested in him or her.


Your love is just a click away


If this year you have no one to send a card in the heart form, don't be discouraged, because your potential partner is just a few clicks away from you. If earlier this dating method couldn't be considered by people set up for a serious relationship, now new technologies allow us to build up a new love story from the first words as honestly and transparently as possible.

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