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Reasons To Invest In Cryptocurrencies

18:56 22/01/2018
Investing In Cryptocurrencies

Considering the opportunities investing can bring, people often asks themselves whether they should choose a cryptocurrency as an investment instrument.


Here are several reasons why crypto investing is a good option:


  • The net worth increase. Traditional currencies easily lose their value, that is why people tend to look for other ways to save their money. Cryptocurrencies seem to be a reliable alternative.
  • Engineering. Cryptocurrencies are based on extraordinary engineering solutions. You are proposed to take an asset that can keep its value around the world. At least until the government tries to suppress it.
  • Reliability. Although Bitcoin was launched in 2008, it is still considered by major investors as a reliable and solid option.


There are problems everyone should take into account before the start:


1. Bubble blame. Cryptocurrency is often called a bubble that will burst one day. This opinion is often expressed by experts from big companies (for example, JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon) and is based on the fact that cryptocurrencies are not backed up by anything. Hence, high volatility is considered as the reason for weakness.


2. Volatility. When it comes to cryptoassets, this is a rather risky property. High volatility may bring great benefits and cause great losses. Price hikes and falls are clearly seen on the example of BTC.


3. Legislation. Only a small part of the world has officially recognizes cryptocurrencies. Moreover, countries have different regulation regarding this type of assets. Some of them are open for the development of this field, while others forbid crypto and set up imprisoning punishment.


The most important factors that should be taken into consideration are the following

The most important factors that should be taken into consideration are the following:


1. Availability. Investment in cryptoassets requires availability analysis. It shows whether it is possible to access all received funds in a particular country.


2. Exchangeability. Tokens acquired as a result of investments should be valuable enough to provide echnages options.


3. Safety. An obvious requirement used in case of all currencies regardless of their nature.


So, on order to start investing in cryptocurrency, you should take the following steps:


1. Choose the object of investment. The very first step is to decide which cryptocurrency is worth purchasing.


2. Select funds for investments. It is important to choose a weekly or monthly value you will use. Move these funds aside of other and wait for a moment they can be effectively used.


3. Select and install an offline crypto wallet. To work with cryptocurrencies you need to get a special software called crypto wallet.


4. Select an exchange to work with. After a wallet is installed, all you need is to choose a profitable exchange platform and create an account.


5. Buy a cryptoasset. Once you join an exchange platform you can buy the coin you like.


6. Support your safety. Any online storage is weak when it comes to the funds safety. In order to keep your investments safe, store them in “cold” wallets (such as a hardware or a paper wallet).


Keep in mind that investing in cryptocurrencies involves a lot of risks, sometimes even more than in the traditional financial market.

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