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Checklist: How To Invest In ICO Successfully

20:45 27/12/2018
How To Invest In ICO Successfully

Crowdfunding is an important part of cryptoeconomics. The market of ICO campaigns has started stabilizing in 2018: there are still a lot of startups but investors have already learned the lesson about being more careful. There is also an increasing number of STO — Security Token Offering, which is considered to be a safer investment option. However, many good ICOs also have an investment potential.


If you want to put your money into an ICO campaign, this means that the concept of the project could at least interest you. But it is not enough. Investing in projects that are built on an idea alone was the main mistake of many token holders in 2017. You should be more careful to protect and increase invested money. Have a look at our checklist and see whether it's worth investing in the project of your choice.


How to invest in ICO: 15 important steps


  1. The project founders offer a viable economic model in addition to an interesting and reliable idea.  


  1. Both a detailed description and white paper (the main document of the project) are in public access.   


  1. The white paper contains information about tokens and their economic value, marketing analysis, technical and juridical section.   


  1. The project is registered in a country that has clear ICO regulation rules.   


  1. The AML and KYC policies are implemented. The time of anonymity is over, and using of KYC is one of the signs that the project is serious.   


  1. Not only are the project founders known, but also other team members.   


  1. Team members are real: you can find their profiles on the Internet and see their background and working experience.   


ICO project team

  1. There are technical specialists in the team — developers, engineers (if the project is built on its own blockchain), and ICO advisors.   


  2. The projects’s road map and clear time frames for each development stage are presented.   


  1. Each step in the road map is described clearly for readers.   


  1. The exact dates of each token sale stage are indicated.   


  1. The total number of tokens and the proportion of their distribution among investors and team members are known.   


  1. As an investor, you understand how and why a specific type of tokens is used in the particular case. The business case for the use of tokens raises no questions.   


  1. The code of smart contracts used in the project is publicly available — you can explore it on GitHub.   


  1. Finally, you see that the project really needs using blockchain technology. If its implementation is inappropriate, one can hardly expect the startup to be successful.   

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