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Where Can You Start Studying Cryptocurrency?

08:15 18/10/2018

Before deciding on the place where to start studying cryptocurrency, you should know that today it can be done at higher education institutions. The first blockchain technology course at a university was proposed in 2014 by David Yermack. Back then, only 35 people accepted the invitation of the professor of finance at the NYU Stern School of Business. But everything has changed significantly. The number of applicants wishing to study blockchain has increased by over six times. 230 young people chose this program in 2018.


The example clearly shows that young people are getting interested in studying blockchain in the sphere of finance. However, the same situation is observed in other study areas. The attention to cryptocurrencies is growing, the market is shaping the demand for specialists. Today the world's best universities have drawn a conclusion that the new academic discipline is a must.


The US And Crypto Education


The analysis of curriculum of the 50 best universities, provided by the Coinbase crypto company in 2018, shows that 22 of them have a crypto or blockchain program, and 11 of them have two or more courses. It is noteworthy that US universities lead the ranking. Therefore, it is much easier for American students to decide on where to start studying cryptocurrency.


The reason is simple. 32 universities, included in the top, are located in the US. The research was based on the analytical report by the US agency News & World Report. All higher education institutions were evaluated by 13 parameters oriented toward the global academic community: publications, participation in conferences, cooperation, researches. The US is already well ahead in terms of created ICO campaigns. Today it is also placed first by the amount of official blockchain programs.


Source: www.coinbase.com


The majority of programs is in Cornwall, Stanford, Pennsylvania Universities, and UC Berkeley. Stanford University has an excellent cryptography course, but the most prestigious US technical schools in Massachusetts and California are lagging behind. It can be concluded that today blockchain is used in various knowledge fields and activities. It includes human and social sciences — anthropology, sociology, etc.


This issue was also discussed by Dawn Song, a professor in the Computer Science Department at UC Berkeley. “Blockchain can lead to fundamental breakthroughs in many research areas. It can have really profound and broad-scale impacts on society in different industries,” Ms. Song points out.


The diagram, depicting the popularity of crypto courses, is presented below. 675 American students were surveyed by Coinbase together with the tech firm Qriously. The results show that cryptocurrency is gaining popularity in many study fields. Naturally, computer sciences lead the way, but crypto and blockchain programs are often chosen by students whose main specialties are medicine, economics, and human sciences.


Source: www.coinbase.com


It is quite interesting, most of surveyed students engaged in human sciences say they would prefer blockchain to informatics.


The Situation In Other Countries


Only 18 higher education institutions, included in the ranking, are based outside the US. 5 of them have already opened crypto programs (UK, Denmark, Switzerland, Australia, and Singapore). The National University of Singapore and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich have two or more courses.


Either way, crypto education keeps expanding. The situation may be completely different within a year. In the meantime, anyone who wants to choose where to start studying cryptocurrency, can do it online. We will describe the most ambitious and promising projects in the next article.

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