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Using Blockchainʼs Advances To Control Your Finances

15:20 16/10/2018
Using Blockchainʼs Advances To Control  Finances

Historically, people have depended on intermediaries in instances of exchange. While the type of intermediary used has changed, the basic idea of there being a self-interested third party to a transaction has not.


In 2008, however, that all changed forever. The bitcoin whitepaper dropped, minds were expanded, and blockchain technology burst on to the scene.


Whatʼs the big deal about blockchain? Well, for starters, itʼs made financial autonomy for every person on earth possible for the first time in history.


A Financial System in the Palm of Your Hand Like all of the great revolutionary concepts hatched over time, the blockchainʼs idea is elementary.

Blockchain to control finances

A network of validators spread around the globe checks every transaction that pops up on the blockchain. After reviewing the validity of transactions clustered into blocks (ensuring that the digital currency being spent is authentic and hasnʼt been paid more than once), validators give the OK to include the new block at the head of the chain of blocks – hence, blockchain.


The winner in this system is everyone. Gone are the days of needing a centralized authority such as Visa or PayPal to confirm transactions. In the blockchain paradigm, transacting becomes a genuinely peer-to-peer affair.


If you have bitcoin, and I accept bitcoin as payment for my online shop, we can transact with complete trustful autonomy and never need a third-party authority. With distributed cryptographic protocols taking the place of such parties, their position between peers has been rendered obsolete.


Blockchain Enables Investments for the Rest of Us Blockchain systems introduce an evolved regulatory algorithm enabling people to have autonomy over their money. Knowing this, how can trustless blockchain technology be applied toward smart investing?


MultiToken Protocol combines blockchainʼs elegance with smart contracts to deliver a platform for complete investor autonomy.


In the outgoing paradigm, participating in investments such as ETFs and index funds is a tricky business. Youʼre faced steep entry thresholds, centralized decision making (forcing you to rely on the judgment of the fund manager), and tight geographic restrictions on joining due to regulations.

The incoming paradigm being spearheaded by MultiToken Protocol gives investors complete freedom and security concerning their investments.


How MultiToken Works


MultiTokens are portfolios made up of one or more cryptocurrency assets. Your MultiToken represents the digital assets held within it and is smart-contract enabled to handle those assets according to different investment strategies.


Who makes MultiTokens? Anyone can create a MultiToken fund to take advantage of smart contract-executed strategies like automatic rebalancing, deviation rebalancing, and time rebalancing.

Use blockchain to manage your finances

However, investors can purchase ready-made MultiTokens crafted and maintained by professional fund managers and traders with proven, successful strategies. The big difference between using manager- kept funds with MultiToken and in traditional funds is that you can burn your MultiToken to redeem the contained assets at any time.


Unlike traditional funds, MultiToken never boxes you in.


The entire MultiToken ecosystem is backed by the ethereum blockchain, making MultiToken funds immutable, global, decentralized, and unstoppable.


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