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Does Blockchain Industry Need More Women?

20:45 25/03/2019
Blockchain And Women

The topic of female oppression has been one of the biggest and hottest ones in recent years, and it got integrated into all parts of modern culture. While many believe that it was “about time”, there are more and more voices who claim that some global solidarity movements are taking things too far.


Meanwhile, “strong female leads” are taking over in the entertainment industries, particularly in movies and TV shows. Now, there are also talks about how the blockchain industry “needs more women“, although nobody quite understands why this trend is taking place.


The fact that millions of women around the world are mistreated, oppressed, and abused is not being denied. However, many of the more active representatives of solidarity movements are starting to proclaim that more women need to be involved in the tech industry. Not only that, but they seem to be aiming at forcing blockchain on women, apparently trying to fill up quotas.


Of course, there is no reason why women should not delve deep into the blockchain industry, or any other industry, for that matter. The question that is being asked is why do we NEED more women in blockchain?


Blockchain is not gender-oriented


Anyone with an interest and passion for blockchain technology — or any other area, as mentioned — is free to pursue it, and should be encouraged to do so. However, why should blockchain be forced on women? Blockchain does not depend (or care) about its developers' gender, color, location, religion, or any other such aspect. If women were to run nodes, things would still be operating exactly the same as they are now, so what is the problem?


However, the voices seem to be demanding it, and this leads to another question — would forcing blockchain on women be seen as a type of centralization? Not real centralization, of course, but some type that was never predicted or expected?


Back in late December 2018, Litecoin Foundation chose to sponsor an Ultimate Fighting Championship event, which is, as everyone knows, mostly male-dominated. This was criticized by those believing that “we need more women in the tech industry”. If blockchain is supposed to be for everyone, why is it getting more exposure in places where a greater percentage of men will see it?


Litecoin's Franklyn Richards believes that this is not the case and that nothing, including blockchain, should be forced on people. It is his belief that you should not fight the market. Instead, wait for those interested to come to you. On the other hand, it was also noticed that those supportive or interested in blockchain technology are mostly those with more tech-oriented education.


In other words, blockchain interests those who understand it, and once again, it would appear that there is a greater percentage of men here as well. Is this where the problem lies? Is there a need for more education for women, starting at the base level when it comes to STEM subjects? And how do you interest women in going down this road, how do you awaken the interest in technology in the first place? Does it go all the way down to removing dolls and pink toys from their earliest childhoods?


The lack of education concerns everyone


While we are at it, it should also be noted that women are not the only ones who lack tech education. For example, recent findings by the FCA states that cryptos are mostly used by men between the ages of 20 and 44. However, the vast majority of them was unable to define cryptocurrency when asked to do so. What does that mean? It means that it is not completely up to education. Cryptos, finances, technology, and similar areas are simply more appealing to men. They are not interested in the blockchain industry more because they get better educated about it, as the findings clearly show that they themselves do not fully understand it. It is simply something that interests them.


However, there are no men-in-blockchain movements or demands to increase the number of men in the tech industry in general, or even on tech-related courses. Different sexes are attracted by different things, and there is nothing wrong with that. Women should, by all means, enter the blockchain industry as much as they like — if they want to do it, that is.


Forcing them to do it simply to fill up the ranks would not help anyone, and it certainly wouldn't make the industry speed up. It would only fill it with people who are not really interested in it, while they are there simply for the sake of being there, while they themselves remain miserable in a position they never truly wanted.


Those interested in the tech industry and qualified to enter can and should do it pretty much everywhere in the world, and particularly in the US. And, of course, women who choose to come to blockchain would likely be as fascinated by it as men are. However, most don't care for it. There are exceptions, of course, but the majority does not want that for themselves. And isn't doing what you want, exploring the areas that excite you and make you happy, the sole purpose of having the freedom to choose?


In the end, blockchain doesn't NEED more women. It needs more capable developers who care to be there and help the industry grow. The sex of those developers is irrelevant, as long as they are qualified and capable to do their job and make the industry better.

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