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Everything About Crypto Education Online

20:45 19/10/2018
The most famous online study courses cryptocurrency

The simplest answer to where to start studying cryptocurrency is online education. As you know, in the fall of 2018, Coinbase found out how crypto education at universities had progressed over the past few years. This research clearly demonstrates that more and more students studying in a variety of fields choose disciplines related to cryptocurrency and blockchain. Now we will show you another way to get knowledge, which is online courses.


It is true that the emergence of new relevant disciplines in the education sector is a kind of progress. But it is also clear that when it comes to studying cryptocurrency the traditional higher education has several disadvantages.


Universities are not affordable to everyone


As a rule, studying in the world’s best universities costs a lot, and it is difficult to obtain an educational grant to get there, especially for non-residents. Speaking of less expensive universities out of the top-50, only a tiny part of them offers cryptocurrency or blockchain programs. So if you cannot afford a Stanford University cryptography course, you can take part in online training.


Information quickly gets outdated


The crypto sphere is developing very dynamically. This means that information may become irrelevant much faster than the program changes. Naturally, people who study online face this problem as well. But in this case, the whole responsibility lies with the students themselves, as this is what they get for inexpensive training courses.


Lack of choice


The curriculum is approved by the university management, which may affect its content. Online education services emphasize their independence, impartiality and the absence of any propaganda or censorship.


By the way, not only are university students interested in studying cryptocurrencies, but other people too. Online is much easier to do. We will consider the most interesting offers available anywhere in the world, so that you could choose where to start studying the cryptocurrency.

Online courses Udemy



This is the largest online education platform available for students and teachers. As of the fall of 2018, it offers almost 300 crypto courses. These are introductory and advanced courses and the ones related to other areas, such as cryptography, programming, finance, etc.


Students can choose courses based on the rating, number of hours, and the program complexity. The costs vary from $20 to $200, but from time to time, there are up to 95% discounts available. After a course is successfully completed, each student receives a certificate.




Coursera is an educational service founded by two professors from Stanford University. There are not so many training courses as at Udemy, but they are all compiled by renowned universities and leading companies.

Coursera online courses

There are three training options on the platform:


  • Courses with obtaining a certificate.
  • Specialization, which includes a cycle of courses and obtaining a Specialization Certificate.
  • Degree.


The last option is a full-fledged online university education. So far, there are no programs that allow getting a master’s degree in cryptocurrency or blockchain, but just wait. Now users have access to courses that cost $29-99 and to several specializations for $39-$79 a month.


UC Berkeley online courses


The University of California, Berkeley is one of the top 10 universities in the world. In addition to stationary education, it offers online courses. One of the available online courses is “Fundamental Blockchain”. It includes:


  • Bitcoin and cryptocurrency


The program is devoted to Bitcoin and main cryptocurrencies. Also it includes the study of the Ethereum platform and the features of smart contracts and dApps.

UC Berkeley online courses

  • Blockchain technology


The study of blockchain and the way it affects the modern economy.


The specialization costs $199 for both courses without discounts. Upon graduation, a student acquires a professional certificate from UC Berkeley.


Token-paid crypto education


We are talking about decentralized educational online projects. You can get access to these platforms for tokens bought during ICO campaigns. Let’s have a look at several interesting and promising projects that are still under development.

Token-paid crypto education

Bitcoin Wiki University


As the name implies, this is the project of the Bitcoin Wiki, the largest online crypto encyclopedia. There are two types of users on the platform — students and teachers. The first ones can pay WIKI tokens to get access to courses, while the second ones receive tokens for creating their own courses.


In addition, the Bitcoin Wiki library is open for all users. The project represents itself as a decentralized platform completely independent of anyone.




The project is based on the Ethereum platform and is positioned as a global decentralized education market. It provides access to group and individual training programs paid with ODEM ICO tokens. All user data and information about the interaction of participants (students and teachers) is stored in blockchain. The platform is available in a beta version.

ODEM Cryptotoxins

It is hard to forecast if these projects will be successful in the future. However, today anyone has a chance to take part in the online courses presented above. The range is large enough. So if you want to become a certified specialist, you just need to choose a course and start training.


Note: specific businesses mentioned here are not the only options available, and should not be taken as a recommendation.

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