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4 Best Platforms For Blockchain dApp Creation In 2019

08:30 21/02/2019
Best Platforms For Blockchain dApp

The creation of Bitcoin sparked a new trend which we now know as cryptocurrencies. However, underneath digital cash, there was blockchain — an underlying technology that soon started getting just as much, if not more, attention that cryptos themselves.


For a while, blockchain was interesting as a concept, and its importance was never overlooked. It was thanks to blockchain that cryptos managed to be decentralized, as the community itself ran nodes that allowed the entire thing to function. However, it was the launch of Ethereum in mid-2015 that brought additional attention to blockchain technology and allowed developers and investors to view it in a different light.


Ethereum came with a different purpose than that of Bitcoin. While BTC serves as digital cash, Ethereum exists as a platform first, and the coin second. Its main purpose was to allow developers to create new products on blockchain. Soon enough, dApps, smart contracts, new tokens, and alike, started emerging.


Further research uncovered that blockchain has a lot more potential than anyone had thought, with cryptocurrencies being only one of its countless potential use cases. So it happened that Ethereum managed to become the second most important cryptocurrency in the world and the representative of the second generation of crypto.


Its creation sparked numerous other projects that were similar, but that tried to be better, either improving the cost of fees, speed of the network, or difficulty of creating new products. Several years have passed since then, and today — these new dApp-focused platforms are still competing with ETH and one another, each trying to be the most efficient. Here are some of the top contenders in the race to become the best blockchain platform in 2019.


1) Ethereum


Even though it was the first dApp platform — or maybe because of it — Ethereum is still going strong, and it has one of the biggest dApp developer community in the crypto space. Its blockchain is currently running around 2300 dApps, which is the highest number per blockchain in the entire industry.

Ethereum dApps

It is estimated that Ethereum dApps have more than 16,600 users on a daily basis. The apps come in many different categories, from gaming, wallets, exchanges, security, and social, to finance, governance, media, identity, storage, and many more.


It should be noted that Ethereum got a decent head start, but it still has issues regarding its network. While it may be the leader in the dApps right now — it needs to improve its technology, or it will be replaced by a younger coin.


2) EOS


EOS is the project with the second highest number of dApps, with around 168 of them currently on the platform. However, it is way above Ethereum when it comes to the number of daily users, which often reach 49,650 — over three times more than Ethereum. With a situation like that, it is not surprising that EOS is often called “Ethereum Killer”, as this project clearly poses a threat to ETH.


Furthermore, it is also important to note that EOS managed to get to the second place even though its blockchain was only launched half a year ago.


One big problem with EOS is that there is a doubt regarding the state of decentralization of its blockchain. As some developers believe it is not really decentralized, many choose to turn to different projects. Not to mention the fact that its mainnet had minor difficulties immediately after the launch. If not for these issues, EOS might have been even further down its way to overtaking Ethereum by now.


3) NEO


Another project known for its dApps is NEO, which is often called “Chinese Ethereum”. NEO currently has around 76 dApps. The project also features relatively high speeds, with the average speed being at 400 transactions per second. However, the highest speed that NEO ever recorded is over 2400 transactions per second, which makes this project very scalable.

dApps is NEO

Similarly to EOS, NEO is also considered to be a potential “Ethereum Killer”, although the project had several downtimes, which made some developers unwilling to choose it for their dApps. In addition, NEO charges higher fees than Ethereum, which has resulted in only more serious projects appearing on its blockchain. Projects with the lack of funding were forced to seek other platforms, which is likely one of the reasons why Ethereum has much more dApps than others.




TRON is relatively new in the dApp industry, as this project also launched its blockchain barely over half a year ago. So far, the TRON blockchain features around 50 dApps, with others being in development stage. TRON has made multiple headlines in the second part of 2018 due to its decentralized applications, particularly the ones concerning gaming and gambling.


Magic Academy, for example, is a gaming dApp which attracted a lot of attention at the time of its release. Gambling dApps also became quite popular, and they allowed TRON to beat Ethereum's record for the number of daily transactions in late 2018.


According to reports, TRON's three largest dApps manage to make nearly 300,000 transactions per day, while Ethereum's largest dApps have less than 3000 during the same time period. In addition, TRON might have problems with its gambling dApps due to the fact that the US Department of Justice recently had a ruling that restricted all forms of online gambling, as the previous anti-gambling decision of 2011 failed to include the internet version of the activity.

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