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Top Five Crypto Influencers In 2018

08:15 12/12/2018

2018 was a difficult year for the crypto money holders. Less than a year ago, the price of bitcoin was predicted to rise to at least 50 thousand, at most to a million dollars. In fact, everything turned out quite differently. Even though, the cryptocurrency capitalization rate has fallen, the crypto industry keeps developing with meteoric speed, and enthusiasts catch forecasts from opinion leaders. Let’s take a look at several personalities whose opinion has a paramount importance.


John McAfee


The eccentric 73-year-old millionaire and the owner of the anti-virus software company McAfee, Incorporated is confident that the future belongs to the crypto money. As an ideological long-term bitcoin holder, he is convinced that investing in cryptocurrency will bring him a profit, despite the current lull on the market. Moreover, McAfee still has no doubt that bitcoin will cost $1 million by the end of 2020. Perhaps it was just a joke, but all 880 thousand followers of McAfee’s Twitter account have become witnesses of this prediction.

It’s worth saying that in 2020, McAfee is going to participate in the US presidential elections. However, as he says, only mad people would vote for him, and it’s not about winning the elections, it is about being a part of it.

Source: twitter.com

An interesting fact: The eventful life of McAfee made Hollywood filmmakers create already the second biographical movie — this time in a black comedy style. The announced title of the picture is "King of the Jungle". Initially, the main role was reported to be played by Johnny Depp, but in the end Michael Keaton was approved.


Vitalik Buterin


Undoubtedly, the name of the Ethereum creator will be in the list of the most influential personalities of the cryptosphere for a long time yet. One of the most significant events of 2018 is the upcoming switch to Ethereum 2.0. The update announced by Buterin is named Serenity and includes the transition to the new Casper protocol with the change of a consensus algorithm from PoW to PoS and the EVM upgrade. To personally track the latest news on the crypto sphere, subscribe to Vitalik Buterin’s Twitter account and keep an eye on the most up-to-date information he provides.

An interesting fact: Vitalik entered the list of “20 under 20” for the idea of ​​creating the Ethereum network. In 2018, he was ranked second in the Fortune rating of “40 under 40”. This is the list of the most influential people of the cryptosphere, according to the magazine, and Buterin was placed second after Brian Armstrong, Coinbase CEO.


Charlie Lee


The crypto enthusiast and creator of Litecoin is confident in his work and never ceases to remind of it. From time to time, Charlie Lee reveals technical details pointing to the advantages and reliability of Litecoin to his Twitter subscribers numbering almost 800 thousand. At the same time, he admits that LTC is not a competitor to BTC. In 2018, Lee participated in the creation of HTC Exodus, a smartphone with a built-in crypto money wallet. The blockchain-based smartphone has already come on sale.

       Source: twitter.com

An interesting fact: Litecoin founder followed Buterin’s example and sold almost all his coins a year ago. This allowed him to avoid being accused of the conflict of interest and at the same time make a profit, because at that time LTC price was $370. As of December 2018, Litecoin is following the downtrend and can hardly exceed $30.


Andreas Antonopoulos


When the concept of cryptocurrency was absolutely new and nobody heard of it, Andreas Antonopoulos was already a Bitcoin evangelist. According to him, he has been carrying out an educational mission to the masses since 2012. By the end of 2018, Antonopoulos has managed to publish four books on the subject of the Internet of things and investing in cryptocurrency, and everyone who is somehow involved in the field listens to his words and forecasts. To follow the news from a crypto enthusiast, you can subscribe to his half-a-million Twitter account.

 Source: twitter.com

An interesting fact: According to messages on Twitter, Antonopoulos did not own any crypto assets when their value soared significantly in December 2017. He was forced to sell his bitcoins earlier. When followers found out about this, they sent him more than 100 BTC as a support. At that time it was equal to about $1.5 million.


Chris Larsen


Known as a co-founder of Ripple Labs, Larsen has many years of experience in the fintech sector. His main creation is the XRP cryptocurrency, one of the most successful on the market. In 2017, Ripple tokens were placed third in terms of the cryptocurrency capitalization rate, lagging behind bitcoin and ether. In 2018, XRP outperformed ETH by the total trading volume, but could not catch up with BTC.

An interesting fact: Larsen topped the list of the richest cryptocurrency holders according to Forbes in early 2018. In February, his fortune was estimated at $7.5-8 million.

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