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Ukraine Will Provide E-ticket Based On Blockchain Till The End of 2018, The Minister Says

23:51 16/04/2018
Ukraine Will Provide E-ticket Based On Blockchain Till The End of 2018

The Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine claims to introduce a universal electronic ticket for transport by the end of 2018. The Minister of Infrastructure Volodymyr Omelyan announced this news at the Blockchain & Bitcoin conference on March 29 in Kiev. The innovative technologies will allow to create a single registry aimed to control the efficiency of the transport system and ensure its security and stability.

Volodymyr Omelyan:


"We are preparing this project together with European experts. In fact, we’re creating the platform for developing of a universal electronic ticket on its basis. The new system will allow us to clearly forecast the location of buses, their routes and schedules. Our goal is to make the most convenient service for citizens, which allows any person, for example, to track a route from his village Zarechnoye to Kiev with the help of his smartphone."


According to the The Minister, the concept of e-tickets was legislatively approved by the Ministry at the end of last year. At the moment, there are permanent initiative groups in 20 cities of Ukraine. They work hard to implement these technologies.


Omelyan is positive about the blockchain integration in the governmental system processes. The transparency and decentralization of the innovative technology are urgently needed in the current political situation.


Volodymyr Omelyan:


“Actually, the blockchain technology allows to monitor all the actions, so they cannot be manipulated. This is the future that we really need today. Officials sometimes can change their decisions afterwards, or even corruption-related situations may appear. If the blockchain is implemented, everyone will be fully responsible for his actions. This is a significant step forward".



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