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Satoshi Mishima From CoinJapan Talks on Cybersecurity, Crypto Regulation And Bitcoin’s Future

13:34 30/05/2018
Satoshi Mishima From CoinJapan

Japan is considered the leader in the crypto field not only in Asia, but worldwide. It was unusual to hear that the government creates such difficult conditions for obtaining ICO. Why does it happen like that?


The reason is simple: protection of investors, people investing in ICO. The Japanese invest enormous sums, hundreds of millions of dollars in ether, bitcoin, Cardano, LISK, Spindle. To some extent, people who purchase cryptocurrencies are investors. The state must protect individuals who deposit in certain tokens or projects.


So you mean that only a company that has been tested by all possible means will get the license?


There are certain rules. Only the company granted with permission can enter the stock exchange. This is the only way it can conduct an ICO.


Is there a difference in the requirements for The Japanese and foreign investors, or are rules are equal for all?


Well, of course it is. Only the company with all permissions can conduct an ICO. But in fact, not many people are now conducting them, because everyone is afraid of receiving a warning from the Financial Services Authority of Japan (JFSA) to ban work in the market, as happened to the Binance exchange.

Blockchain has already opened many spheres in Japan. In which areas, in your opinion, it is still not sufficiently applied? Will Japan and the whole world discover them for themselves?


I'm guessing that it will be the insurance sphere, administrative services, bank financing, and real estate.


Are we talking about Japan or the whole world now?


About Japan and the whole world.


What do you think, when will it be possible to pay for goods in conventional stores?


I cannot say for the world, but we’ve talked about the Smart City project which is being realized in Japan. It implies that each city will have its own local token. I think that the project basis will be finished by the Olympic Games in Tokyo.


In other words, this is absolutely real. Tell me, what are the possibilities of blockchain for cybersecurity? It is very relevant for Ukraine, mostly for political reasons. As for Japan, it is probably more for economic purposes, bearing in mind the December incident with the stock exchange.


It's more about smart contracts and their reliability. The necessity in their protection will grow exponentially.


What are the current activities of Ukraine and Japan in the field of cybersecurity?


Since it is at the state level, at this point we exchange information. For example, the danger of certain currencies, etc.


Can you somehow predict the development of the crypto market in Asia or more globally?


The market in Japan will gradually grow. It's hard to say about Asia, but it's accurate regarding Japan — growth and once again growth.


How did you start dealing with the cryptosphere, when did it attract you and why?


It was just interesting. I manage a few companies, but blockchain attracted me. There is no other such an interesting and growing field.


What other projects, besides Ukrainian cybersecurity, are you still working on?


Engagement Tokens, Neuromachine.


Is it possible to gamble in Macau casino using cryptocurrencies?


No, it's cash only.


Vira Maliy, Blockspoint

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