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Ryan Burleson CSO At Aitheon About Artificial Intelligence And Blockchain Natural Fit

14:45 13/07/2018

Interview with Ryan Burleson, Chief Strategy Officer at Aitheon, about combining robotics, AI and blockchain.


What services does your company provide?


We actually show people how artificial intelligence, robotics and blockchain combine in a perfect triple.


When did you start your project?


Our project was founded eight years ago. The company is based in Estonia but the biggest part of our team is in Las Vegas. We used to work with large enterprises but this year we decided to bring our Artificial Intelligence solutions and robotics platforms to the general public. People can take an advantage of them and improve their own businesses. One day, I believe, AI will run a business. It can take care of many internal processes, such as accounting, management, researches, and so on.


How do blockchain and artificial intelligence fit together?


We can use blockchain in different ways. First of all, the robotics and artificial intelligence are not perfect, that is why we use humans to help robots to finish the tasks they cannot deal with by themselves yet. We allow people from any place in the world to help companies that need help, and by doing this they can mine tokens. They actually control robots through their devices. Another thing is that blockchain really fits the systems of artificial intelligence. It provides transparency and decentralization of processes. Just for illustration, suppose a bread factory starts making bread with nuts but doesn’t tell anyone about it. Someone, who is allergic to nuts, can die. Blockchain combined with the artificial intelligence can help to track all the processes of bread manufacturing. Thus, no one can change information but everyone can check it.


How can blockchain influence the sphere of robotic development?


People in general are looking for more transparency. Customers want to know what they are buying. For example, they may need to figure out whether the product is truly organic. We can combine artificial intelligence with blockchain to built a smart supply chain. I think in a few years we will see a great amount of robotic companies that use blockchain solutions. These technologies have a natural fit.


There are some prejudices towards the robotic sphere and AI. Some people believe that one day robots will conquer the world. What do you think about it?


Right now everybody who codes and has any deal with robotics understands that all those apocalyptic views towards robots are far from reality. We can use robots to grow more food, and it will be much faster, much cheaper and with less material waste. Almost everything you have now − your phone, your clothes, your car, your bag − was created by robots. At the same time, artificial intelligence can help us to improve all these processes. By the way, we provide education for students, we teach them how to use the new technologies in different ways.


There is the fear that AI and robots will fully replace human work. Do you think it’s true?


I’m sure that human work is absolutely safe. First of all, AI was designed to help people, not to replace them. We have also developed remote pilot systems that allow professionals all over the globe to work at the Aitheon platform creating new global opportunities.


Do you manufacture robots?


We manufacture robots and software. But Aitheon is different from normal robotics or artificial intelligence companies. We want to create an ecosystem that would let companies grow together. We want to see new collaborations in this sphere.


Are you going to carry out an ICO?


Yes, we are. Our presale stage is over, and we have managed to raise $8,750,000. That is 50 million tokens at the price of $0.175. The hard cap of the ICO is 250 million tokens.

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