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Interview With CTO Of GANA Technologies About New Generation Of Cannabis Marketplace

14:48 10/07/2018

CTO Of GANA Technologies Reid Lee told Blockspoint about the Korean traditional medicine and revealed the ways of how blockchain technology can revolutionize the cannabis industry.


Please tell us about your team and the project you are working on. Where are you based?


We have 15 people in our team. Our business part is based in LA, the R&D center is in India, the marketing units are in Korea and Malta, while ICO specialists are located in Estonia. It is an international project. GANA is the abbreviation for Green And Nature Association. We are a blockchain company engaged in the development of the cannabis industry. We introduce and adopt Artificial Intelligence for better trading and product tracking.


Why did you start this kind of business? It’s quite unusual, isn’t it?


We were inspired by the Korean traditional medicine that has different ways to heal people. Around 300 years ago, Koreans wrote down all methods of cannabis use as a really powerful medicine that refers to ancient beliefs about plant spirits. Not only can the illness be physical but also mental. We just try to revive the ancient traditional wisdom of our ancestors.


What problems does your project solve?


If you live in California you can buy cannabis anywhere. However, you don’t receive enough information on the product you consume. Hence, you cannot be sure that it will fit your needs and actually help you. Blockchain allows to solve this problem through the verification of cannabis.


What technologies do you use in your project?


We have developed a protocol which provides the tracking system for traders and customers. And it is reliable due to its decentralization and the high level of security. Basing on information from our partners, we issue the certification of the product, which can help customers to choose. Our partners provide QR-codes, so that customers could use their mobile applications to get all necessary information about the plant they are interested in, such as seeds' origin, distribution channels, the level of THC, information about traders, etc. Naturally, some features are free for our early adopters.


What kind of data do you collect?


We analyze data both of our users and traders. Users can get our tokens by distribution of personal information. We have also introduced AI into our protocol which can determine the quality of cannabis by using image recognition. We want to become the biggest cannabis data holders in the world!


Are you going to expand your business?


Of course, we are. We would like our mechanisms to be used in the countries that have already provided or are going to provide legal status to cannabis. The US is the best place for our project. We are now at the experimental stage, we are fixing bugs. And I’m sure, we will see the project developing more and more.


Tell us about the mobile application you have developed.


Our mobile application will allow using our utility-tokens, GANA, as assets to buy movies, music, digital contents, recommended products. Another aim is to build an ecosystem where GANA tokens could be used in all processes, from production to personal health care.


How do you avoid frauds?


We cautiously choose only proved and legal partners who are totally trustfull.


What are the main features of your project?


The main features of our project are based on blockchain and AI technologies. Blockchain is used for the seed-to-sale tracking system and digital certificates that target on providing product reliability to consumers and increasing the brand’s image for cannabis businesses. AI is used for personal assistant and business intelligence services which give optimized recommendations to consumers and industry insights to businesses.


What is your development team working on now?


We are at the public sale stage at the moment. It will last from May 21 till July 21, 2018. KYC will be going on until public sale ends. We have also launched a bounty campaign to reward our supporters, promote GANA and attract new customers. Besides, we will keep establishing new collaborations. For example, we have recently made a partnership with Essentia, the developer of the platform that will help us to protect user data.

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