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Oliver Ruthie Told About ADVFN Project And Informational Network For Crypto Investors

21:33 02/07/2018

Interview with Blockchain/Crypto Account Manager at ADVFN Plc, Oliver Ruthie, who told Blockspoint about the biggest private investor network ever and the way the traditional companies are entering the blockchain reality

What role does your company play in the world of blockchain?


We are the largest private investor network in the world and we have over 7 million of them globally. Everything we do at ADVFN is geared towards providing you with the best tools for understanding stocks, shares, crypto and other assets.


We have been running for 20 years. Three years ago we started dealing with crypto. We work with big companies like CryptoCompare, Ripple, Coinbase and so on. We’re also having our own blockchain show in London in June. Around 1,200 high level investors will participate there. It is going to be a huge show!

How has the financial sphere changed over the past years?


Lot’s of traditional investors have become crypto investors. Traditional IPOs have transformed into ICOs. And all these changes have gone easily. Traditional businesses now have to adopt innovations to stay alive.


Still, there is the lack of trust between businesses and people. For many years, financial institutions, big businesses and governments have blinded their customers by hiding many things. People have overpaid for basic services because they had no other choice. Blockchain will make everything transparent. For example, it can change the process of voting. Banks are trying to get involved into the new space but we should not forget that the whole system will be decentralised in the future.


What is the main problem that does not allow blockchain to be adopted?


The main problem is that people do not understand blockchain yet. Until we start properly educate them, all these thousands of cool projects just won’t make any sense. Big companies have to hire experts and advisors in order to guide business in the right way.


The crypto community is getting larger. Now it starts looking like a kind of religion. What do you think of it?


Your words are true. I’m a christian myself. I don’t have to understand God fully but I have to believe in God as a whole. The same is true for cryptocurrencies and blockchain. You don’t know much about these things at the very beginning and everything looks unclear. But the more you use it and the more you learn about it, the stronger you faith becomes. We have to believe in innovations even if they seem weird and unknown.


What kind of services do you provide?


We help ICOs in raising funds. We have already helped about 50 projects. All of our websites have headings dedicated to cryptocurrencies. We provide analytics and project rate. But the main part is that we help ICOs to reach their targets, we help them to realise their dreams and become successful. Recently, we have started organising shows and conferences for the crypto community to educate everyone and bring the best minds together.


Where is your company based?


We are working globally. Our main office is based in London, but we also have offices in the US, Japan, Brazil and so on.  


As far as I know, there is no cryptocurrency regulation in the UK yet. How do you think will it change in few years?


You’re right, this sphere is not regulated yet. But the FCA, which is like the SEC in US, is working on the regulatory document now. When it is done the government will be able to establish some law over crypto in Britain. The main problem is that people usually don’t like things they cannot understand. And it is not easy to understand blockchain. Also, each country needs proper regulation and education. One day there will be no banks. Instead of them there will be only a user, their cryptocurrency and their own wallet. So the government has to go a long way to get used to these changes. And blockchain has to be greatly developed to overcome all existing disadvantages.

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