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Sirin Labs Founder Talks About 'Most Protected' Blockchain-Smartphone And Global Blockchain Ecosystem

00:21 29/05/2018
Blockchain-Smartphone And Global Blockchain Ecosystem

Let’s start from the beginning. How Sirin Labs was created and why you decided to develop blockchain based smartphone?


Sirin Labs was founded in Israel back in 2013. We have the team of 17 engineers who are really enthusiastic on cryptocurrencies. We managed to create the most protected smartphone ever. It’s called Solarin, it costs 15 thousand dollars and has many great cybersecurity features and layers incorporated into it. We can offer users to buy, convert, and hold tokens with it.


In December of 2017 we raised more than $150 million from the ICO to develop a package of products based on the blockchain. Our product line will use a network that operates without mining centers and will use the SRN token as a default currency.


We solved two main problems of the blockchain ecosystem. We came up with the idea to accumulate the knowledge base and the professional experience of the team in order to develop a mobile phone that will have a solution for cold storage cryptocurrency. It’s going to be the most secure wallet in the world. It will be much more secure than Ledger's Nano S and other cold storage solutions. Every phone will work as a validating node and every phone would be run on the Snapdragon chip so it has enough internal memory and great storage space.



You mentioned the creation of ecosystem. What elements would it include after launch?


Now the phone has a function of a cold storage but also it can be the baseline for creating a blockchain ecosystem based on the connection of these nodes on the peer-to-peer level.This will enable people to easily share resources. It will include decentralized application store just like the Google or Apple application stores. I think if we are able to make this very simple and intuitive in use, it will be the step forward to the mass adoption of blockchain technologies into society.


But there are many other developers trying to create blockchain smartphones. HTS and Samsung are among them.


HTC is the huge electronic company and they are focused on the customer's needs but not on the blockchain technology. Also, the company is based in China and we can not be sure about the mechanism of the data integration. I don't want to say things I might regret about Chinese consumer electronic production, but there are certain rumors that you can be listened by the Chinese government if you buy Chinese smartphones. We are focused on creating the most secure mobile phone in the world, which is one hundred percent specific in the solution and in the featuring.


You also designed your own token which is a usual practice nowadays. Why?


From the beginning a Sirin token was designed as a utility token for customers to enjoy all the functions we have inside our system. One of them is ability to buy the products. We would automatically convert your dollars into Sirin tokens in order to facilitate purchasing of our products. The entire idea is in utilization of the Sirin token. It is going to be more effective when we launch the blockchain network. After this people will have the ability to run services supported by our token. We provide internal automatic token conversion in the simplest way through the mobile phone.


Is using your blockchain smartphone somehow different from the usual phone? Does it include camera and all the things?


We released the technical aspect two weeks ago on our site so everyone can find it. It is a one hundred percent known and simple in use mobile phone but it has super security and cryptowallet function. It has all the things for modern users. But we`re not selling a phone for a teenage girl`s selfie so the camera is not the main feature, it is not the camera phone anyway.


This is the phone for safely storing assets in cryptocurrencies. And still if you compare our smartphone to iPhone X it would have 50% of advantage over iPhone. There was a comparison table published by the way. We also produce PCs based on client’s experience. We promise you an opportunity to enable peer-to-peer resource sharing. The idea is that you won’t have to upgrade your PC. It can be steamed from the cloud through competentional sharing. We're partnering with different companies for these purposes. But I can't disclose them right now because of confidential aspects.


What are the main difficulties you`ve met during this project?


It's really a very complicated and challenging project. We're developing software and hardware solutions for cold storage. We don't overlook the challenges. It's all about the team, they are like warriors of the light.


Have you met any problems developing such unorthodox solutions? There are many governmental regulations and restrictions toward tokens and other blockchain based products.


We take ourselves with seriousness. We work with the best legal team in the world which is even listed on Bittrex. Our compliance would never go out the legal schemes. I'm very optimistic about the future of our projects. Let's get the Android for example — Google has introduced new operating system on their smartphone Nexus and it became one of the most popular OSs because of mass adoption by different smartphone manufacturers. I think since we are now right before the wave would come and wash the world with the promise of decentralization. We are at the right time, at the right place with the right product to become a successful company.


What are you waiting from the future of the blockchain sphere?


I believe that order comes out of chaos. There are many projects that will create one solid global financial system. During the chaotic period there is a great amount of power in the material things, strong gravitational waves but at a certain moment the new order will begin to form. So I am sure that the future is already here but we have to find it among flood of innovative elements.

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