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Myrig: You Can Say That Bitcoin Is Chinese

23:38 16/04/2018
Myrig: You Can Say That Bitcoin Is Chinese product

Myrig company provides equipment for mining more than two years in a row. The company cooperates with two of the largest manufacturers: Bitmain, which is called the leader of this field, and Haalong Miner, releasing an innovative product for miners. Myrig is engaged in sales and warranty service, repair of equipment locally in the CIS countries. Director of Myrig is a former employee of Bitmain, Yoshi Gota. The official headquarters are located in the USA. Company also has offices in Europe, Japan and Hong Kong.


We had an interview with Marketing manager of Myrig, Kirill Timofeev about the future of mining in Ukraine and the features of the company's product.


What are the main reasons for the Myrig popularity?


We can call ourselves monopolists, because we’re trying to offer the best price in the market. We provide hosting services for the placement of equipment which was bought from us, using our own capacities. Our hosting is located on the territories of Iceland and The Russian Federation, so in fact we provide remote mining services for our customers.


Can you tell us a little more about your products? Why do miners choose you?


Our equipment holds the leading position in Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dash mining. Those are the main cryptocurrencies from the TOP-20 list Coinmarketcap. We sell Dragonmint and Antminer devices.


What makes Haalong device so innovative?


They managed to create a higher energy efficiency. They have achieved higher production rates using the same energy consumption as the leading Bitmain model. Both software and hardware parts were improved.


How will the sphere of mining develop?


The sphere of mining and cryptocurrencies in Ukraine is a semi-legal sphere. There is no prohibiting legislation, but there are no official permissions as well. Everything depends on the miners legal knowledge. There’s almost no certain violations that can be incriminated at the moment.


Did mining become popular in Ukraine?


We have a lot of clients. There are both large and small customers. We work not only with companies, some customers buy only a few ASICs for their amateur mining. This is a pretty good market, which we are trying to develop.


What changes do you expect on the crypto market recently?


I believe in further growth, in any case. Particularly good growth of Bitcoin is expected by the fall. I think you need to take a breath and rest after the highest positions of $20 thousand. And it’s good time to think about purchasing equipment.


How does China's monopoly over production of equipment affect the rest of the market?


China really took the leading position because of the cheap labor. It is a country of great opportunities. China has a huge number of the mining farms, because there is a large territory and relatively cheap electricity. Thus, China has a very big impact on both the price policy and the movement in the exchange rate. You can say that Bitcoin is Chinese.

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