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Mark Ginzburg: "In 10 Years Blockchain Technologies Will Totally Change The World"

20:20 23/05/2018
In 10 Years Blockchain Technologies Will Totally Change The World

Mark Ginzburg, American businessman and billionaire of Ukrainian origin, was the first person in the world to sell real estate for cryptocurrency. His apartment in Kiev was purchased by Michael Arrington, an American billionaire and one of the well-known names of Silicon Valley. Michael is the founder and co-author of the TechCrunch blog, dedicated to the technology startups and other technological news. Wired, Forbes, and TIME have repeatedly named Arrington one of the most influential people in the world. According to Ginzburg, he had hard time making this deal happen, since Arrington values his reputation very much and agreed to buy the apartment only after the future partners’ reliability was inspected. This deal has introduced Ukraine to the worldwide crypto community and played an important role in creation of the image of a center for the blockchain technologies development. By the way, after this deal Arrington even wished to visit Ukraine in person, but he hasn’t done it yet due to his busy work schedule. He spoke of his plans in a video message to the participants of Blockchain Summit 2018 recently held in Kiev.

For Mark Ginzburg, the blockchain creation is the beginning of a new era. He believes that in 10 years blockchain technology will completely change the people's life, starting from the behavior standards and ending with the labor market. Mark is aware of the expert forecasts in this field and argues that both Americans and Europeans foresee the mass dying of the current professions. The lion's share of specializations that will be replaced by artificial intelligence are currently popular law and medical ones.

"90 percent of current lawyers, 70-80 percent of middle-level medical personnel, clerks, accountants, security guards, and brokers will have to leave. All kinds of mediation functions will die out. We enter the world without intermediaries. This fact will create serious social problems, because a large number of people will lose their jobs, and very unlikely many of them will be able to retrain to engineers or high-level data processing specialists. Even lots of IT professionals in a few years will be replaced by chatbots," said Mark Ginzburg. He believes that under such conditions only creative, energetic, and broad-minded professionals will survive on the labor market, and those with engineering specializations have many upcoming opportunities.


Mark emphasizes that blockchain technology should be introduced into all spheres of both public activities and everyday life. For Ukraine, this is a chance to stop being a third-world country and take the proper place in the sphere of high technologies. Today, Ukrainian experts are successfully implementing their projects in Silicon Valley. Unfortunately, Western investors’ startups in Ukraine are more difficult to run. "There are certain international standards. Ukrainian guys who implement their startups in Silicon Valley work with their Western colleagues for several years in a row. They are familiar with those standards. But implementing Western projects here in Ukraine turns out to be a colossal problem. Our realities, whether protection of property rights or company registration procedures, are completely outdated. Some procedures take no more than several days in USA or Europe while in Ukraine they can last for several months," says Mark.

Mark Ginzburg calls himself an ideologist of blockchain technologies, but he is also considered an expert in the field of cryptocurrencies. Mark is not going to predict the exchange rates of a particular crypto tokens, since, according to him, this is an ungrateful business. However, he predicts a bright future for Bitcoin, although the path to it can be difficult. "I am deeply convinced that it will cost twenty-five thousand and even thirty thousand dollars, but before that it can drop to the cost of two thousand," states Mark Ginzburg.



He says that blockchain technology itself has become a kind of symbol for him personally. Last year, Mark visited the island of Necker owned by a renowned businessman Richard Branson. He became acquainted with those who personified a new generation of the world elite in his opinion. These people, as Mark remembers, spent time in numerous discussions and brainstorming sessions. In their spare time they talked about making the world comfortable, clean, and fair. Blockchain technology has its special role in this vision. Therefore, for Mark Ginzburg the development of the blockchain is akin to the victory of the spiritual principle over the material one, and he is ready to take an active part in this victory.


Vira Maliy, Blockspoint

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