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Interview With Director Of Consulting And Strategy At Trade.io Will Corkin

16:47 14/06/2018

Interview with Director of Consulting and Strategy at trade.io Will Corkin about the company features and ICO consulting strategy.


What does trade.io do? Where is it located?


We are based in Switzerland, but our team is quite decentralized. I am in our Hong Kong office, and we have offices in Cyprus, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, New York, etc. Our aim is to create a next generation, multi-asset exchange. To do this, we are in the process of obtaining a variety of licenses across multiple jurisdictions that will allow us to move from being a crypto focused company into a global investment bank. Following our own successful ICO, we realized there are many gaps within the services offered in the ICO industry and the needs of the crypto community were not being met. It was because of this that we decided to launch our own ICO consulting services. Having successfully completed our own ICO and raising over 31 million USD, we have been attracting many other teams and projects who wanted to leverage our advice, guidance, and know how. We currently have 10 projects signed that we are consulting for, with another 70 plus more that are undergoing our strict due diligence and viability testing. We are comprised of a strong team with years of background in investment banking, marketing, tech development, etc., and are able to help and guide clients in any areas where they might need support. We are also able to put our ICO clients in front of partnered individuals, funds, and institutions who are actively looking to participate in ICO and blockchain projects. We offer full turnkey services, as we are underwriting ICOs similar to how an investment bank would an IPO.


How do you decide which ICO projects to work with?


We have a very strict and rigorous KYC/AML process that we incorporate for all potential ICOs. We perform background checks, analysis, and verifications on all advisors, directors, and UBO’s. Additionally we analyze each project’s financial and technical viability through our team of experienced industry professionals. I have from ten to twenty projects to look at on a daily basis. We are very selective and only looking for high potential teams and projects that are innovative and revolutionary.


Which features should projects have to be accepted?


Honestly, we do not look for any specific features. We are currently consulting for clients across many different industries: from supply chain to decentralized TV applications, you name it. We do not look for anything in particular. We just need a very solid team with a great product and clear roadmap. We only accept the projects, which we believe will be the next big players and industry definers in their sector.


How can projects gain trust from their investors?


The trust in an ICO project is a big thing, and it is shaped mostly by the media which was traditionally influenced by an ICO’s marketing checkbook. Many people now are checking the background and looking for KYC results. We recommend all our ICO Consulting clients to be fully transparent with their communities and build trust organically by being fully available, communicative, and responsive. With so many 'scam' ICOs in the market, trust becomes an incredibly important item on the check list of any potential investor. We found in our experience that transparency goes a long way towards helping stakeholders understand, believe in and develop loyalty for any given project. Regular communications to contributors combined with frequent tech and team updates are the key. Another way to help build trust is to show that the ICO efforts are led by experienced, passionate people who are leaders in their respective fields.


Why did you issue your own tokens?


One of the features of our exchange is our liquidity pool. One of the utilities of the cryptocurrency we created, the Trade Token (TIO), is that it allows community members with 2,500 TIO or more to participate within the liquidity pool. Through our liquidity pool, we are able to distribute the profits of our company back to our community 50:50. Another added utility of our Trade Token is the ability to access trade.io specific airdrops, as well as invest in upcoming projects actually using Trade Tokens!


What is your main promotion strategy?


We travel and meet with people a lot and try to show our partners and community that we are not just faces on a website. So, we meet them personally to discuss our business and anything in the blockchain and fintech space. The more people we meet, the more information is spread.

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