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Founder Of Smartologic.io Ophir Gertner: A Good Team Is The Key!

23:02 06/06/2018
Founder Of Smartologic.io Ophir Gertner

Please tell us about smartologic.io. What does your company do? 


Smartologic Technologies specializes in providing comprehensive services for blockchain-based and cryptocurrency-related projects. We provide tailor made services and technical solutions for innovative ventures with the professional insight that can contribute to the advancement of the crypto-community.  


Do you have a big team?


Our team of 7, myself included, consists of experienced blockchain professionals possessing a wealth of knowledge in the sphere of blockchain technology, acting in the roles of consultants, developers, and business strategists.  


Our gamut of services covers a wide range of blockchain-related solutions, including concept building and token economy, blockchain architecture, smart contract development and auditing, white paper preparation, cyber security, community building strategy and management, marketing and branding services, and access to leading legal and financial firms specializing in the crypto market.  


Why do people need your services? 


Companies looking to modernize and optimize their processes require our consultancy and technical services in order to implement blockchain technology in their organizations. These companies don’t have the specialized knowledge to integrate the core assets of the technology into their businesses, and require our services to facilitate the technological, economical, and commercial aspects of its implementation. 


What are the advantages of using Smartologic Technologies compared with other consulting firms? 


We know how to work with different technologies. We possess the art of understanding different features of the Ethereum and EOS networks, and know their advantages, compatibilities and usages. We examine a client's product in depth, applying our insight and experience to determining the optimal way to embed blockchain technology into it to maximize the technology’s benefits. We are very flexible and work closely with our clients. We understand that each client requires a different solution; we focus on that solution, lead and manage the entire project from A-Z.  


How large is your client base? 


We focus on quality rather than quantity. The clients we work with are highly recognised companies within their industries worldwide. Currently, we are working with eight organisations, with most as full-service clients in addition to those we are supporting and guiding in the advisory capacity. 


What will cryptocurrency regulation be like in the future? 


There shouldn’t be any regulator or third party, as it goes against the blockchain philosophy. But I don’t think banks and governments will make it easy for the industry. I believe we will see countries implementing different regulatory laws, each with its own regulatory language. It’s a process we will all likely have to go through at some point in time.  


What about governmental stablecoins? Do you work with them? 


Lots of people are trying now to limit cryptocurrency volatility by using stablecoins, which is an issue in terms of securities, legal matters and regulation. It seems riddled with ambiguities to me personally, and I don’t know yet how to regard such coins. 


Nowadays, ICOs are a hype. Is it the best strategy for startups? 


Running an ICO is a good strategy for raising funds required for development without losing shares, but our team doesn’t recommend every company to launch one, as it isn’t always the most suitable choice.

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