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Interview With Founder Of Krypton Capital, Ilan Tzorya

16:36 05/06/2018
Interview With Founder Of Krypton Capital

Interview with Krypton Capital founder Ilan Tzorya. Tzorya is a crypto enthusiast, who invests in different startups around the world and aims to unite companies into a strong global ecosystem that can help each partner to succeed. Ilan Tzorya told us about his investing strategy and discussed the main topics of the crypto sphere.


What is the story behind Krypton Capital foundation?


I established a technology company and then created first investment fund, which turned out to be successful. Krypton Capital was founded back in 2017 and helped companies involved into blockchain technologies. In Krypton Capital, we have three main activities: ecosystem, trading and ventures. The ecosystem includes such companies as the news website Cryptovest.com, marketing and PR agency, ICO listing and so on. We managed to build up the structure that provided the crypto industry with almost all necessary solutions. The other activity is venture. We invest into ICO and blockchain-based projects. The main strategy is to redirect attracted money to the ecosystem development. The ICOs need marketing and software to be in progress. It is profitable for venture projects as they can start expanding at the early stages.


What kind of projects are you looking for?


We are looking for the projects that can be valuable for the blockchain industry, thus making all blockchain processes more useful. For example, there is supply chain maintenance that cannot be fully tracked yet. But as soon as blockchain is implemented, the system will become transparent and no one will be able to cheat. It will also allow saving data about products. Blockchain is useful in the legal sphere and documentation issuance as well. It will exclude the possibility to make fake papers and will help to store more information than traditional methods can. Companies have to work with strong teams who can offer good products built on blockchain.


But some people are afraid to invest into ICO projects. How can you recognize scam?


There is an amount of awesome projects created by professional teams. You know, ICOs are like political campaigns. Each team must have strong arguments and a proper white paper. They need to earn people’s trust and prove themselves credible.


How many companies are in your ecosystem?


We have around 15 companies so far, and we invested in 10 companies. Not all of them were established from the ground, some projects had already undergone some development. In Krypton Capital, we have investment experience across variety of spheres, like Technology, Media, Blockchain, Financial Services, Healthcare, Education and such. We are always open for new partnerships and currently are ready to announce open call for projects to join the ecosystem.


Do you have a plan to issue your own coins?


No. There is no point.


Why did you choose Ukraine as a base for business?


We undertook a thorough research, our strategic analysis took into account various factors. Now we are confident that Ukraine has the potential. It has a strong IT infrastructure and great development teams. We were driven by its revolutionary spirit toward cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Besides, the Ukrainian government’s support is on the rise.

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