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Interview With PC At SmartHab About How To Integrate Blockchain Into Smart Apartment System

14:04 10/07/2018

Interview with Jefferson Correia, HAB Project Coordinator at SmartHab, who explained why the integration of blockchain technology into the smart apartment systems is beneficial.


What kind of services does your company provide?


SmartHab is a Paris-based startup engaged in the field of home automation. It was founded back in 2016. We started working with blockchain technology in early 2017, and now we are providing an end-to-end solution. It is the truly agnostic solution which means that any provider can be integrated into the platform. Now we are working on blockchain-based product to guarantee security of all user data. This technology is naturally fitting when you have to rescue your critical data.  


Is the sphere of home automation developed in France?


Just to introduce you into the trend I’ll tell you that there was a boom in the sphere of smart buildings in France. We had promoted ten smart apartments back in 2017. So far, we have developed 250 intelligent houses. I can say we have already become a successful company.


What kind of technologies do you use?


We use a hybrid model of blockchain which includes the Ethereum system and our own developments. I am pretty sure that our project has no analogues and that the brand is new in the market. We established the partnership with the National Centre of Research in France to develop a solution based on mathematics, which will allow an IOT device to send information to blockchain. The information will be totally secured this way. We have a group of professional advisors. One of the leading mathematicians developed all the protocols for French governmental projects.


What are you working on now?


We started the presale on May. Our ICO is supposed to be held on September 9, 2018. Our hard cap is $3 million and the soft cap is $5 million. We also want to start cooperating with different companies from several business segments to find the best ways to implement our technology.


Our token is designed for transaction in blockchain. It will be used to store information and allow IOT devices to be connected to blockchain. We have already launched the pilot version of our product.


What is the strong point of your company?


Our team is really strong. Our CEO is one of the pioneers in the sphere of IOT. One of our co-founders is a former minister of France. Another our specialist is a former diplomat. We also have a group of professional mathematicians from the National Centre of Research. We have established partnership with the biggest building constructor in France, the Vinci company, and are in talks with other companies and authorities in the spheres of engineering, energy, real estate, insurance and so on.


Have you faced any problems with the French government or regulators?


We cooperate with a group of lawyers that consult us on different issues. This also allows us to be the members of the commission that develops legislation rules to define the term of ICO in France. A part of our team is integrated into the government. We are one of five pioneering ICO projects here.

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