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Interview With Head Of Sales Department At Orangecoin About Uniqueness Of Their Product

21:52 05/06/2018
Interview With Head Of Sales Department At Orangecoin

Evgeniy, Head Of Sales Department At Orangecoin, was interviewed by Blockspoint and spoke about the unique advantages of their product.


What is your project about?


Our project was launched in October 2017. Orangecoin offers a safe and fast solution for cryptocurrency transactions and also a storage of digital currencies. Orangecoin Exchanger is a unique cryptocurrency wallet that allows you to sell, buy, transfer and store digital assets. You can buy cryptocurrencies via VIsa and MasterCard. As of right now, we support three major cryptocurrencies: bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin, however we have plans to expand support of more cryptocurrencies.


You said that your wallet is unique. What is its peculiarity?


Our wallet is unique, as it was developed with the assistance of UI/UX Research. We tried to develop a user-friendly interface, so that users could easily perform cryptocurrency transactions. We spent a lot of  time testing the application, so that the interface was the most functional and enjoyable to use. Access to OrangeCoin Exchanger is available from any device: PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.


Do you offer only  the possibility of online storage?


We have the possibility of cold storage also. We developed a hot wallet, which is always available and allows you to quickly carry out the necessary operations. Our main feature is enhanced security. We used our own innovative developments to achieve this. We also have mechanisms to protect businesses from scammers. All developments were processed internally by our specialists. OrangeCoin Exchanger is protected by several methods, including advanced authentication methods, which means that no one will be able to access the wallet.


What is your main feature?


We are the most reliable in the market because we follow technological trends and successfully implement them. Our clients have the opportunity to make free deposits and withdrawals. All transactions are simple, safe and fast. OrangeCoin supports every country, where cryptocurrency is not forbidden. We use the rates of the main crypto-exchanges to find the most favorable offer for customers. We understand that most companies are trying to use the strong volatility of digital assets. But we are working hard to create favorable conditions for our users.


Is your project ready to be used?


The project is already living its own life, it is completely working and we have clients who use it successfully. We already have a large customer base.


What market sector do you target?


Now we are more focused on the European market. But our employees are working on geographic expansion. The project is quite fresh, but very potential, so we have plans on global coverage.


Where are you based?


Our main office is based in the capital of the Czech Republic. We are constantly growing and trying to improve our wallet. Our employees constantly participate in actual discussions at exhibitions and conferences, where we can share our experience and establish new business connections.


Was it easy to establish a cryptocurrency business in the Czech Republic?


We had no problems with the Czech regulators, moreover we are controlled by the National Bank of the Czech Republic. Orangecoin received a license from the bank, which allowed us to work with electronic assets.


Have you provided your own ICO?


We have not issued own tokens. We also have not conducted an ICO. Instead, we offer a wide range of functionality for dealing with cryptocurrencies. We collected all the best from the field of electronic payments. Our company cooperates with a number of well-known operators such as Webmoney, Yandex money, Qiwi, Paypal, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Neteller, Skrill, Ukash, Visa, MasterCard.


At what stage is now the development of blockchain technologies in general?


In my opinion, the potential of cryptocurrency and blockchain is still not revealed. People are used to the fact that the value is expressed in a physical equivalent, so it can be touched. But cryptocurrency exists in a completely different world, so many users still have some distrust. Large companies are introducing new technologies in different spheres like automobile industry, supply, insurance, and so on. Therefore, I am sure that the technology will grow, which will lead to a wider adoption.

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