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Sales Manager At Minerbooking About Project For Renting Mining Machines

15:35 01/08/2018
Fiori Dalipi About Minerbooking Project

Fiori Dalipi, a sales manager at Minerbooking, told Blockspoint about the project for renting mining equipment and revealed the ways to make cryptomining more accessible and convenient for everyone, from beginning users to experienced investors.

What kind of services do you provide?


We are a new project. The initial idea appeared when we were doing market researches. We found out that this kind of service is still missing. There are a lot of proposals for cloud mining or mining by yourself but they cost too much and involve too much risks. So we decided to make mining more accessible for people. We have a lot of machines in different parts of the world. We give everybody the chance to rent this miners. We have a flexible offer system. I mean, you can rent our machines not only for a long period but also for a few months or even a week.


What problems do you want to solve?


This industry is new, not so many people are used to it or even understand it at the moment. We want to allow people to have their first involvement in this sphere. When they are going through some experience by themselves they understand better what is going on in the world of technologies as a whole. Besides, it allows them to gain profit. We do not force anyone to use our services. We just give the opportunity to try them. If clients find it interesting, they will use it. It is a simple and honest strategy.


What advantages does your project have?


We have a lot of advantages, and we can be beneficial for our clients. For example, we deliver coins to our clients every 24 hours. So they do not have to wait for months to withdraw their funds. We also provide our own cold wallet, which allows to make withdrawals in a second. We have integrated a calculator − now everyone can define how much money he or she will gain even before the investment is done.  


There is a huge amount of similar projects, and people are really suspicious of different cloud mining solutions. How can you attract clients?


That is the point. It is not cloud mining. Cloud mining providers sell you the hash power. We do not sell any hash power. Instead, you can rent our machine. Also, our cold wallet cannot be hacked as it sometimes happens to cloud mining companies. And our transactions are totally secured and fast. Besides, other companies usually ask you to sign a contract which is expensive and creates some bounds and obligations.


What cryptocurrencies can users mine with the help of your machines?


We work with different assets. Of course, among them there are the most popular ones, such as bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Etherum or Dash. But you can also mine more rare coins, like Siacoin or Zcash .


Do you develop your own hardware or use existing machines?


We use machines powered by BitMain and Bitfury. We are also partners with AntPool, which is one of the biggest mining companies.


Tell us about your team. What are you and where are you based?


In our team, we have hundreds of people, professional programmers, crypto advisers and it is one of the most passionate team I have ever been part of. The main office is located in Bulgaria but our farms are based in many places across the world.  In the  regions that have a lot of advantages − lower electricity costs and a crypto-friendly environment.


Do you think your project will be successful in the future?


We can see that people are interested in our project. Among our clients are companies and individuals who want to enter this world and find ways for their own successful capitalization. We are a global company, so we are not targeted at any specific sector of the market. We have already built a large client base and we are going to expand it. We are also welcoming everyone who wants to be part of our team, so here we are.

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