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Evgeny Turvinenko Tells About Decentralized Platform For Video Streamers

19:20 23/07/2018

Interview with Evgeny Turvinenko, ICO strategy officer at Destream, about a decentralized platform for video streamers and the power of crypto community.


What kind of services does your team provide?


The Destream startup provides the first ever decentralized financial platform for video streamers. We are not the streaming platform but our founders are familiar with the problems of the streaming industry. They had a lot of experience in eSport. The main problem is that there is a huge amount of descent and interesting bloggers who create really good content. But still, they are not popular enough to gain profit. But these guys are brilliant!


How is your team going to solve these problems?


Transaction fees is our day problem. A lot of payment systems like Qiwi or PayPal are getting crazy with fees when you have to transfer money from China to the US. And the fees of a streaming platform reach 10%. Our transaction fee is up to one percent. It is an open-source project which was made not for the corporate usage but for people. The other feature of our product is an internal market place. We are trying to get people more involved in using our tokens, which allows buying products or clothes.


Why did you decide to integrate blockchain into your platform?


We believe that it can help young artists to concentrate on the creation of unique content and to express themselves instead of manufacturing trendline videos to gain money and hype. We do not use ERC-20 tokens because it’s not cool because it requires high fees, which is not very efficient. Our utility token is created on blockchain with a modified consensus, built on the top of the Stratis platform block. Our technology is designed to be integrated into existing streaming platforms.


Have you established any partnership or arranged collaborations?


We are working with few big companies, such as INS and WARP. Our strategy for this year is to establish new partnerships with companies which maintain streamers and bloggers. Talking about our audience, there are a lot of users from Asia. A huge part of our marketing is targeted at this region.


What are the main features of your ecosystem?


Our ecosystem includes three main elements: our token, the marketplace and the advertising platform. We are going to collect big data to use it for fair advertising. We will promote small streamers who are sometimes more talented and useful than bloggers with millions of subscribers.


Does your project need a large community?


Of course, it does. We think that community is the key so we try to build it. Our team is based mostly in Russia but our aim is to create a global ecosystem with a strong society. We travel a lot to get more information for people. The blockchain era is like the hippie era. This subculture is as cute as the one formed around the newborn Internet. But humanity have lost all of those chances to build something global, and corporations got too much power in the end. I really love the idea of the Liberland country as it gives us a new hope for the decentralized future.  

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