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CAO At BixBit, Elena Petrusha About Solutions For Efficient Mining

17:53 31/07/2018

Elena Petrusha, CAO at BixBit, told Blockspoint about the ways of making mining more efficient, and revealed how to warm houses by using mining farms.


What kind of services does BIxBit provide?


Bixbit is a company which provides complex solutions to make mining more efficient. We develop technologies such as mobile modules of equipment that will solve problems of industrial mining. Also, our technologies will allow newcomers to entry the market more easily.


What are these mobile models you are talking about?


Our model infrastructure is based on a standard freight container. We have developed a smart system which includes the vertical placement of the equipment and immersion cooling. Our containers are produced in different size, like 10, 20 and 40 feets, which allows to place up to 800 ASIC or more than 3500 video cards. Moreover, BIXBIT system provides network boot and hardware overclock to maximize hashrate. Also, the product can help to save money on electricity by reusing the heat.


Do you have your own software or hardware developments?


Yes, we produce custom design electronics and software for power management, monitoring, smart temperature management and saving electricity. We also provide software for network boot operating systems, it allows miners to switch mining task in seconds using mobile application.


Why are you better that your competitors?


Our immersion cooling system is unique and really efficient. It allows to raise equipment efficiency by 40% through increasing operating frequencies. Also, we can utilize heat smartly. You can switch your rig to your heating system and it can heat water in your house. Heated water can be also used in technological processes for woodworking, textile, and agrarian industry.


Are you working with a specific segment of users?


Our customers are worldwide. We have had many partnerships with different enterprises all over the globe. We have several production sites in different countries.


What are the main problems of the industry you are aimed to solve?


There are many problems with mining. Also, there are problems with high noise level, energy consumption, dust and equipment vulnerability, difficulty with installation. It is really not easy to start mining. We can help with that and allow people to become members of the mining community.

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