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Edge CEO Paul Puey About Simplest Way To Secure Data

20:45 27/07/2018

Paul Puey, CEO and co-founder of Edge, told Blockspoint about their security data platform that encrypts users' information and allows to share it with different dapps through simple QR-code scanning.


Tell us about your project. What is its main goal?


Edge is a blockchain-inspired and zero-knowledge cybersecurity solution aimed at making crypto users’ life much easier. The main theme of the project is securing the edges. The first public appearance took place back in 2013. The company was called Airbitz but then it transformed into Edge in 2014. Our main office is based in San Diego, the USA.


So what services do you provide?


Safety is our key point and our foundation, not just only one of the features. We are trying to return power over private data and private keys to people. Our wallet can be used in other decentralized apps to allow users to convert crypto and back just scanning a QR code. Users do not need to save their keys or have a huge amount of different wallets any longer. It works like a Facebook’s mechanism of multiaccess which allows to authorise on third-party sources. But while doing that, Facebook collects all your passwords and other personal information which is as minimum totally unsecured and as maximum totally immoral.


How do you secure data of your clients?


Our system is encrypting information on users' devices before it even reaches the eye of other sources, companies and corporates. Users can decide what kind of information they want to share. We can get you flexible solutions that allow to control all access processes and all data analytics. I believe that digital assets do not need to be difficult.


Have you ever heard of the Remme project? It seems to have the same features.


Yes, we met Remme team but it does not do anything like this. They do not encrypt the keys. We are security data platform which encrypts all data and allows to share it among different dapps through simple QR-code scanning. Our security tools are packed into the proprietary software development kit adopted by other developers for the purpose of enhancing the data protection of their own applications. We provide one application for all wallets and your information can be backed up only with a username and a password. And we provide super easy and secured access by using the touch ID and password.


What kind of technology do you use?


We do not use blockchain because we just do not need it. Actually, it is less secure to use blockchain for cyber security. It is really good at one point and terrible at others. It is good to make data accessible. In fact, data on blockchain is inherently public, visible to everyone and not really much secured. Blockchain also can be used for smart contracts and identity verification. But many companies use blockchain which makes their product worse. I see the whole industry now little bit stuck and I am sure it is because the whole community believes too much into this technology. But we do not. Also we are not going to run an ICO because there are already too much tokens. And people who use our platform do not need to use tokens.


When will you launch your product?


You can already download this application and use it. It can operate a dozen of popular assets like bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, ether and so on. And you can also add any of ERC-20 tokens.


Why do you think cryptocurrencies are not widely expanded yet?


People should know more about cryptocurrencies. If you still do not use crypto, you have to move first before the whole market will do it with maximum velocity. Edge is a great wallet for beginners! We put a lot of effort into its usability, and our support team is always there to help. We believe that Edge can help reduce the number of hacks that negatively impact companies and industries.

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