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Co-Founder Of CryptoFriends Daria Arefieva Talks About Blockchain Event Agency

16:00 06/08/2018
Co-Founder Of CryptoFriends Daria Arefieva

Co-founder of the CryptoFriends event agency Daria Arefieva told Blockspoint why it is necessary to create a large crypto community and to violate the archaic boundaries of traditional business.

How did you get into the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain?


We launched our first crypto project last year. In fact, we plunged into the organization of various events quite unexpectedly. My friends and I opened a marketing support firm for ICO. At first, we did not have a lot of cases in our portfolio. Gradually, we formed a huge client base and decided to organize an offline meeting for them, which was our first event. Thus, we showed everyone that our strength is in networking.


Tell us a little about your team. Where are you based?


We started in St. Petersburg. It was mainly a Russian-speaking team at first, and all events took place in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Step by step, we began to receive offers from Europe, the US, and Asia. This allowed us to expand our influence and, of course, our team. Now we have specialists from Singapore, Barcelona, London, Paris, Kiev and so on.


What is the main goal of your activity?


We give different companies and investors an opportunity to meet each other. We are very serious about the process of selecting projects to work with. At classical events, it is difficult to establish the right connections. We cooperate with many companies, for example, ICOBench. Together, we conduct KYC processes for different startups. Our company is growing very fast, even faster than we expected.


What are your advantages over other agencies involved in organizing events?


We decided to move away from the classical canons. Instead of a boring presentation in a hotel, we organize big parties on the roof of that hotel. This already creates a special atmosphere. We try to find unexpected places. It can be a roof with a swimming pool, a yacht, a museum of street art. We try to surprise the people who attend different conferences. Our goal is to create a good and fruitful atmosphere. The 21st century is a perfect time to eliminate formal barriers and leave stereotypes behind. This is the time of unbridled creativity and new forms of doing business. We destroy archaic borders that were artificially introduced earlier.


How do you choose projects to work with?


It's as simple as that. A project's team needs to prove that it has a good idea and a desire to implement it. The first and most important thing here is the team. It is important to personally meet with the team you decide to work with. This is what blockchain events are actually made for. It is the only way to figure out what sort of people is before you, whether they are interested in this sphere, or whether they just want to earn easy money. Fortunately, we often meet people whose eyes light up when they talk about their ideas.


Do you plan to release your own tokens or blockchain-based products?


Our company has grown, subsidiary projects have started to appear. For example, we have developed Iconic Show , which is a blockchain-powered digital art. We will create tokens, carry out auctions. We are also working on CryptoFriends Hypethon, a mix of a blockchain conference, a sandbox for projects and a music festival.

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