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Interview With John Lewis, CMO at Token Target About Blockchain Marketing Solutions

19:29 05/06/2018
With John Lewis, CMO at Token Target

Interview with Chief Marketing Officer at Token Target John Lewis. Token Target promotes complete blockchain marketing solutions for start-ups, ICOs, exchanges, and other related projects. The team works with such companies as trade.io, Sirin Labs, Loci and CrowdWith. During the interview we got to know why the global ban of blockchain advertising is a positive phenomenon for crypto marketing sphere.


When did your company start dealing with blockchain projects?


Token Target has been launched 18 months ago to promote advertising and marketing solutions for blockchain projects. But then Google and Facebook put blank ban on crypto ads. We realized that it would lead to the gap in the market and soon decided to create an alternative source of traffic. We were looking for two main sources of traffic that were still available: performance based marketing, which is driving traffic and getting paid when actions performed; and the add exchanges, which are redirecting media. It was the next step for TokenTarget to move forward after the crypto advertising ban.


What kind of projects do you support?


We are not just focused on the ICO. We deal with the whole rank of blockchain projects. We work with education providers like the University of Nicosia. We have also an e-commerce project which accepts payments only in crypto. We work with the developers who have blockchain flavour regardless of whether they use this technology or not.


What advertising solutions do you provide?


We have two main products — Adexchain and Affilichain. The first one is the advertising blockchain network solution designed to organise media communications. We provide transparent reporting to make a project widespread. Affilichain is a platform launched to connect affiliates and advertises.There are all necessary tools to maximise revenue. Token Target provides brand identity, white papers and presentations, web design and development, motion graphics and videos, banner development, crypto retargeting. We also allow tracking ether contribution in ICOs. We can help ICOs to offer affiliates 5% or 10% off the revenue they had generated during the ICO.


What makes you better than other teams?


We provide the possibility to direct media buying through the add exchange. We can propose a better rate for your projects by using our unique technologies of retargeting. Some companies are charging $12 for thousand impressions. We are charging only $6.


What are main problems with blockchain advertising?

The cryptocurrency sphere is unregulated. There are countries that try hard to put regulation in place. Nobody can really tell what they are actually going to do. It may take a lot of time until regulation is completely developed. Today, we can see a lot of scams, lot of pumps and dumps, which just make people scared of new technologies. There’re so many people who managed to make money out of nothing. Not only was scam advertising banned but also descent and genuine projects were harmed. This technology is relatively young, and not so many things were done for its adoption.


How do you know that your clients are not scammers?


We use the KYC mechanism. We try to meet our clients face to face and provide research about the companies we work with, and analyze the potential success of their ideas. To be honest, it is difficult to recognize scammers but we are lucky to have trustfull clients whose business is granted by third parties. All teams we are working with have amazing developments, clear white papers, enthusiasm and the clear vision of the future. It means that funds will be spent wisely. Sometimes, it is enough to see white paper to realize that a team has no real understanding of blockchain. It is insane that they still can attract money!


Why did you pick Ethereum for your products?


Ethereum promotes really strict and direct smart-contracts. It is much more simple than Bitcoin transactions. It has many advantages, which are really useful and flexible when launching your own token.


Have you ever faced any problems with regulation?


No, we haven’t. We work with genuine projects. Besides, as I’ve already mentioned above, there are not so many things in the cryptosphere that are regulated. The ICO is much like crowdfunding, so the government has some understanding of how it actually works. The difference is that a group of guys create tokens, which play the role of securities of their company. And the trading needs a license. There is no regulation toward cryptocurrencies, so no one can keep people from trading.


What is the best project promotion strategy?


The most important thing is to build a brand with a clear concept. Creative marketing makes no sense if you don’t have a solid idea of your product. It has to be simple and clear. The auditory has to be concentrated on your brand. Nowadays, the advertising market is getting smaller. Unless you find something to amaze people, you are doomed to failure.


Why do some people afraid to invest in cryptocurrencies?


The cryptocurrency market is still risky. You have to take all these risks into account when investing and then hope to get a reward in the future. I personally don’t hold cryptos because the risk is not what I prefer. I’d rather wait for the market to go in a proper way.

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